Oh, great. I’m a fatty.

I thought I was doing really great. Some people at work are just now noticing that I’m pregnant, and everyone’s exclaiming their surprise that from the back you can’t even tell that I’m pregnant. I’ve been feeling confident that I’m not putting on extra weight, and that maybe, once the baby is born, I’ll not only be able to miraculously get back to a pre-pregnancy body, but that I’ll be in even better shape. Imagine my surprise when I hopped on the scale at the doctor’s office today to discover that I’ve gained 8 pounds in the last 4 weeks since my last appointment. I jokingly asked the nurse if I was gaining weight too fast, entirely expecting her to say something like, “OMG, no! You look amazing. In fact, you should probably be gaining more weight.” Instead, she said, “Hmm…you’ve gained 8 pounds? It should be more like 5.” Ouch. And then, when my doctor finally came in, she told me I need to lay off the sour cream and that instead of eating three tacos I should opt for two, and make them al fresco. Because, she said, the more weight I gain, the fatter the baby will be and the more weight I’ll have to lose after the birth. Ouch again. And the third ouch? As we were walking out of the office and I expressed to Ronny that I’m feeling a little insecure about gaining weight, he pushes open the exit and says, “Here, let me open these double doors for you, fatty!” Sheesh. No sympathy!

But, I assured myself, it’s just because I had a huge dinner last night (black forest ham and swiss on pretzel bread) and a huge Mexican lunch today. Besides, I can’t poop to save my life. So there!

Anyways, as promised, here are a few of the photos we’ve taken:

The first ultrasound above was at 19 weeks, 1 day. The other two are from 22 weeks, 5 days. Baby and mommy are both growing, that’s for sure!


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