Ok, I’m feeling a little better…

Ok, I’m convinced yesterday’s fatty disaster was the Mexican food glutton-fest I indulged in. I weighed myself at home after the doctor’s appointment and came in at 141.8lbs. (Sounds heavy, I know! And I started at 129, fyi.) This morning I was 137.6, according to my handy-dandy Wal-mart scale, which, unfortunately, does have a tendency to fluctuate every now and then. And, considering that I hit the bathroom four – count ’em, 4! – times during the middle of the night last night, I think I lost some of the water weight that was making my ankles all puffy. I’m sure it’s a TMI situation, but I hadn’t even gone potty #2 by the time I weighed myself…

Anyways, I’m not feeling like such a Fatty McFatterton anymore. But, I’ll still try to take it easy on the burritos like the doc said. And the salt. Doctor Ronny says that’s what’s making me all puffy. He also, besides pushing open double-doors for me, tells me that we should be grateful that, of all of the things that could possibly go wrong, 3 extra pounds is all that we have to worry about. True that!

On a different note, I think the baby’s feeling good and playful today. She was somersaulting all through my 10:30 meeting this morning!



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