Blood sugar testing…gestational diabetes?

So this morning I got up nice and early to get tested for gestational diabetes. The pregnancy brain kicked in a couple of times, so it took me a good hour to get to the lab about 5 miles from my house. First, I was almost there, then for some reason hopped on the 15 north and had to u-turn. Then, just as I turned into the lab’s driveway I remembered that I had left the paperwork at home, so I had to drive all the way back home to pick it up. I finally got to the lab and had to drink a bottle of mysterious orange liquid before sitting for an hour. See below.

So they give me 5 minutes to drink this stuff, then I have to sit in the lobby for an hour before getting my blood drawn. No big deal, I brought my new book, “Conscious Birthing,” and was prepared to sit it out. The only problem was that my one pregnancy symptom, allergies, kicked in big time the moment I sat down. I started sneezing like crazy and snot kept dripping out of my nose. I kept sniffing as quietly as I could, and used up a handful of tissues that I happened to have in my purse. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but with everyone deathly afraid of the swine flu, not to mention the notices posted all over the walls about how to not spread the flu, I was getting the stink eye left and right. Seriously, I was a snot faucet for the entire hour.

So then I go back to get my blood drawn by a guy who starts making conversation about my toes. He’s fascinated by the polka dots I got on my last pedicure, which, I admit, are terribly cute. But then he goes off on a tangent about how he thinks nail salons are the most repulsive places you could possibly go. Apparently he’s more grossed out by peoples’ toes than by drawing blood from snotty pregnant ladies.

So, we’ll see at my next doctor’s appointment in 4 weeks if I have gestational diabetes. I’m hoping not, because, as my doctor warned me, I don’t really want to give birth to a 19 pound baby.


One thought on “Blood sugar testing…gestational diabetes?

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I enjoyed this post as well… I have to say my favorite part is probably the fact that you have “snot” as one of your tags. If anyone comes across it because they’ve typed that tag in, you HAVE to tell us! Good luck with your pregnancy!

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