Time to call Sports Illustrated.

Somebody please get Sports Illustrated on the line and let them know you’ve found the new cover model for their next swimsuit issue. Yeah, baby!

The only time I can rock the belly in my bikini!

The only time I can rock the belly in my bikini!

This weekend we went out on lovely Lake Elsinore (a.k.a. Lake Smellsomemore) in our friend’s bright yellow boat. Ronny and everyone else was worried that a pregnant girl shouldn’t go out there, that it was “too risky!”, but I argued that it was just a lake, not the choppy open seas, so they agreed to let me tag along…probably just in case they needed a designated driver.

To all of you who worry about every little thing about pregnancy, there’s no need to get your feathers all ruffled this time. I only had one major wipeout on the wakeboard….just kidding! I didn’t actually wipe out. No, kidding again. I’m not dumb enough to attempt to wakeboard in my condition; it’s tough enough without a baby on board to worry about. Though, I was tempted…

Seriously, though, although it’s a little weird to post a photo of myself in a swimsuit, I thought I’d go for it since it’s my latest pregnant belly shot. I can’t seem to keep track accurately, but according to my calculations, I’m at 25 weeks, which is technically 23 weeks of actual pregnancy but for some reason the world adds on that 2 weeks before conception which start on the first day of the last period (confusing!)…but I digress.

Basically, that means that I’m at just about 6 months, so, considering that, I think I look pretty smokin’ in my bikini! Usually my belly makes me feel fat and insecure, and this is probably the only time that I can reasonably say about my belly, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

You go, girl! Wait, are you allowed to say that to yourself? Ha.



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