NaBloPoMo….A 30-day goal

Idly surfing through random blogs the other day I stumbled upon the understanding that November is National Blogging Month, and was led to NaBloPoMo. It seems that there’s a way for people like me, who have a tendency to procrastinate, to stay motivated. That is, a challenge to do a blog posting every day for a month. I almost failed on the very first day, believe it or not.

So, here’s just a quick post to notify you that I will be attempting to post every day for through November, no matter how little I have to say. And, November 1 is a great day to post photos of Halloween, but I can’t seem to find my little uploader cable. But I do have some photos my mom took last weekend. Enjoy…hopefully I’ll be able to find my cable soon so you can see my totally amazing Halloween costume. Until then…





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