It’s official. I’m turning into a mom.

Ronny and I just had lunch in the park and I realized that the metamorphosis has already started happening. I’m actually turning into a suburban mom. And I’m not sure how I feel about it. 

It’s beautiful outside today, by the way. 83 degrees and sunny in November, can you beat that?

My mom and I had gone to Babies R Us a couple of weekends ago with the intention of building a registry, only to get stuck in the stroller aisle for a good hour and a half. The poor guy working there was so good at answering our questions, and he had no problem touring us through the ins and outs of their best sellers. I pretty much left highly educated, but dumbfounded about which stroller, ahem, travel system, I would choose. With so much to think about, this felt like another big decision.

So, today, Ronny and I were sitting on a picnic table, chowing down sandwiches, when I look over and see a lady pushing a stroller to her car. “Ah, yes,” I said wisely. “That looks like the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System. In Deco.”

Graco Quattro Tour

The ultimate travel system. Safe. Functional. Fashionable

“Uh, what?” Ronny asked, through a mouthful of turkey and roast beef.

“It’s a top of the line travel system.”

“It’s a friggin’ stroller.”

“Um, hellooo?” I said. “It’s not just a stroller.” I proceeded to point out how the baby carrier snaps securely into a base that sets securely in the back seat of the car, which in turn makes it a car seat. It also snaps securely into the stroller itself, making it an easy-to-load stroller for a newborn, which will carry the baby up to a weight of 22-40 or so pounds (depending on the model). Then, once the baby is bigger than that, you just don’t put the carrier part in the stroller; you just use the stroller itself!” I panted with feverish excitement.

Ronny stared at me blankly, sandwich poised mid-air, as if trying to decide if I had gone off the deep end. He cautiously looked from away me to the lady with the stroller.

“Look!” I continued. “See how easy it was for her to collapse the stroller to put it in the car? Wow! It’s cute, safe and practical!”

“Has it really come to this?” he asked in disbelief.

“Yes, honey,” I said, surrendering to the thought of it, “it believe that it has.”

How in the heck has this happened?


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