A surprising side effect

One of the many, and probably most surprising, side effects of pregnancy that I have discovered is boredom. I’ve realized that I have too much time on my hands, and I don’t really know what to do with it. I know, I know…I should relish it now because once the baby is born I won’t even remember what it’s like to have extra time on my hands. I get it. I do relish this time, and I’m not exactly complaining. I’m just bored.

Let me first say that ever since we moved to Temecula I have had no social life. Most of my friends are in San Diego, and the few that I have here are usually busy working or taking care of their own kids. But before being pregnant I could at least go out and have a glass of wine every now and then with Ronny and/or the few friends I do have in this town. But the problem is that that’s all there is to do around here — go out for drinks. Need I point out that going out for drinks is really not very fun when you’re not drinking?

I spend my days bored at work for nine hours, and then I spend my nights bored at home until I go to bed. It stinks. My dear husband is, and always has been, very social, so, although he does spend time home with me, I can usually see that he’s itching to go out. We used to be able to go grab a drink and chat in a social setting, but now, the only one experiencing any kind of social life is him. I’m welcome to come along, he says, but again, it’s really not very fun to sit in a bar and watch people drink. Plus, I always have to go to bed before everyone else so I can get up early for work. So I stay home. I think I’ve even started having serious conversations with the dog and cat. Is that pathetic, or what?

But, with this free time on my hands, I’ve managed to assuage my boredom by diving in to my arts and crafts. Arts & Crafts has always been my favorite fun time, but I never seemed to have the time to do anything. So now I’m taking advantage of this time, and I’ve started making things for our future baby. Not only have I picked up my crochet needles and yarn, but I’ve also refinished a rocking chair that my parents bought at a garage sale:

Rocking Chair

And, then I moved on to decoupage. This was inspired by a girl named Karen from my work. I bought one of her little decoupage pictures at our employee craft fair. As with all other craft fairs, I looked at nearly everyone’s work and thought, “I could do that!” So I did. And here’s what I came up with:

Jungle Art

Cute, huh? So now, as I sit and watch celebrity gossip shows waiting my homemade potato soup to be ready and for Grey’s Anatomy to come on, I’ll work on crocheting my baby blanket. And, if you PROMISE not to laugh and make fun of what a lousy crocheter I am, I’ll show it to you when it’s finished!

So, at the very least, I guess I’m being at least somewhat productive with all of this extra time on my hands. And yes, I’m enjoying it while I can. But I’m still bored!




3 thoughts on “A surprising side effect

  1. I love that you’re using time on arts & crafts stuff! I spend more time thinking about projects like that than doing them… I can’t get your links to work though to see the pictures… I’ll check back.

    Would you like some other ideas of how to spend your time? I was also bored because I finished teaching in May and had my son in September… You could: Read books on babies and sleep, or parenting (I liked Parenting with Love and Logic), research some nearby groups you can join like playgroups or Stroller Strides or something so you’ll have other moms to talk to (having an infant can also be boring), make some homemade meals to freeze so you can have decent nutrition during those first few months when you won’t have the energy to cook, look into classes like Little Gym or Gymboree so you have social interaction to look forward to, make sure you have all your necessities like drugs (I never bought Benadryl and then my son had an allergic reaction to peanut butter before he was two) and make sure you understand how to use the baby equipment you have (we were so dumbfounded by the Diaper Genie which is no fun when you’re standing there holding a stinky diaper), you can think about buying a TV series you’ve always wanted to watch so you’ll have something to look forward to during night feedings and you aren’t stuck dozing off to another Sell this House re-run… If I think of others, I’ll let you know! (And don’t feel guilty for feeling bored!)

    • Thanks for the ideas…I’m up to my ears in pregnancy books, that’s for sure. So far I’m most enjoying The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy. It also recommended getting to know the Diaper Genie before I needed to juggle an infant in one hand and a dirty diaper in the other. Then I suppose I’ll move on to the baby books and parenting books. I definitely think prepping some frozen meals is GENIUS! Do you have any recipes you’d recommend? Thank you so much for all of the advice!

      • For some reason, I haven’t been getting notices via e-mail that people have replied even though I SWEAR I’m checking the box… I just now read your replies. I promise to pull together some recipe ideas… Hey, once I post this, you get my e-mail address right? If you want, reply to me there and I’ll send you some recipes!

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