Halloween… a little late

I finally found my camera cord, so now I can post a picture of my sexy and classy Halloween costume. I know you’ve been holding your breath for the last week or so since Halloween, just dying to see my costume.


Baby Mama

Baby Mama in the House

Yes, I rocked Halloween all kinds of classy. I’m sure some day the baby in this picture will be proud. No need to write; I think the photo speaks for itself. A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?



3 thoughts on “Halloween… a little late

  1. you look like a whore….. your husband must be a tolerant, good looking, great poker playing, family guy watching stud. who’s probably waiting for you to cook a good meatloaf or something.

    • Ronny! I’m thrilled that you’ve read my “blod” for once, but you’re not allowed to log in as me and post comments on my own page! Go pick up the groceries and I’ll make your meatloaf. xoxo.

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