A poopy tidbit

Just a quick post tonight because I’m having a mother-daughter day with my mom and we’re about to watch a movie. We went to a Christmas card making workshop today so we got to spend the entire afternoon doing arts and crafts. Talk about a fun day with Mom!

A while back I wrote about how people like to tell me their birth stories and other little valuable bits of advice that one may not read about in the average pregnancy book. Well, I did get a golden nugget of knowledge today that I wouldn’t have ever thought of on my own. There was a brand new mother at the card making extravaganza, a 19-year old girl as cute as the most adorable little button. The advice? Buy a stool softener. . Apparently even after birth there are all kinds of things that really hurt, one of them being potty #2, so the first few days of motherhood can be a pain in the ass. Literally.

So, not only do you get to push a watermelon sized human being out of your lady parts, but you tear those lady parts, get them stitched up, and then the simple act of going to the bathroom can make you feel like you’re having the baby all over again.

Oh, brother. What have I gotten myself into?

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