27 weeks, I think

Today my mom took a couple of photos of me. I think I’m officially at 27 weeks at this point.

27 Weeks

And if getting big and round isn’t exciting enough, today Ronny finally told me that he’s ready to be a daddy. Phew! I could have sworn that he told me before that he was ready, but the fact that he told me today that he had just had his epiphany yesterday makes me think that he may have had second thoughts before about just how ready he was. Perhaps he had forgotten that he had already decided that he was ready, but heck, he’s a man, and I’ve heard that most men don’t ever feel ready, so I’ll take what I can get, even if it’s a result of his having seen the movie 2012 yesterday.

To his credit, though, I’m still a little freaked out and wondering if I’m ready. I still think I’m too immature to raise another human being, but hopefully we’ll figure it out along the way. Because, newsflash, whether we’re ready or not, our baby’s on its way.

Oh, BTW, stay tuned. We have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow and we’ll get the results from our gestational diabetes test.


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