Week 27 Update

Yesterday afternoon marked the last of my once-a-month doctor visits. Now I get to go see Dr. S. every two weeks. I guess that means we’re getting closer to the big day!

It turns out that I passed my gestational diabetes test with flying colors. Phew! If only college exams could have been that easy! Apparently I scored a 75, which would be equivalent to an A, I think. Dr. S said that they have to make sure I’m below 140, and I tested nowhere near that, so I’m great.I Googled gestational diabetes numbers and stumbled upon the Plus Sized Pregnancy site where they discuss it in detail, but it seems very complicated, and this sentence satisfied me: “The general rule of thumb is that any pregnant woman should keep her blood sugars between 60 and 120 mg/dl”.  I have absolutely no idea what these numbers mean, I assume the mg/dl means milligrams per deciliter, but who the heck knows? Because my blood sugar was so normal, I decided not to do any further research on it.

I also got two shots. First, I finally folded and decided to get the swine flu vaccine. I figured, heck, the CDC recommends pregnant women over anyone else, so why the heck should I not trust the CDC? So, my doc gave me a shot in the arm. Then, I got the Rh- shot in my lovehandle. I thought the nurse said she was going to give it to me in my behind (Ooh, that sounds bad, but I’m not rephrasing it just out of pure stubbornness) but ended up sticking a syringe full of searing liquid into my lovehandle. I really don’t understand what this was all about either, except that it has something to do with my having a negative blood type (A-) and Ronny not even knowing his blood type. There’s an explanation of it here, but suffice it to say that I believe that I had to get this shot so that the baby doesn’t reject its own or my blood at the time of delivery. At least I think that’s what my doctor said.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to have any more ultrasounds, so I don’t get to see the baby until he’s born, unless I decide that I want to pay the retail price for that. I guess that’s the breaks when you have an HMO, but who knows, maybe PPO’s are like that, too. (Don’t even get me started on the experience I had with the dentist’s office today! Ugh.) I would have an ultrasound with every visit if I were having a high-risk pregnancy, but I suppose it’s not worth that now, is it? Nope.

Let’s see, what else was there? Oh, yeah, my weight and how supposedly huge I am. Well, I only gained 4 pounds this month, which is pretty good, I think. And, the doctor measured me from my pubic bone to my fundus, the top of my uterus, and found that I was at 25 cm. I asked if that was normal, still feeling a shadow of discomfort at those girls telling me I looked huge, but Dr. S. told me that 27 cm was average, so I was actually measuring a bit on the smaller side. I asked if that was a problem, and she said, “well, most women would prefer to deliver a 7 pound baby instead of a 9 pounder!” True dat!

Oh, and the best part of all? We heard our little heartbeat again. Nice and strong, coming in at 150 beats per minute. I think we’re gonna have a healthy little guy…or girl. 🙂


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