Sweet husband

Ok, I’m no longer mad at my husband for doing absolutely nothing wrong. After listening to me gripe and moan about how depressed I felt on Tuesday night he must have felt sorry for me or something. My mood didn’t lift at all yesterday, as I mentioned in the last post, but as soon as I got home after work, everything got better. He had cleaned the house. He had gone to the store and bought groceries for dinner. He had started a fire in the fireplace. Best of all, he had bought me flowers.

There’s nothing like coming home after a lousy day to a husband with flowers and a house that smells of cleanliness. Well, except for ice cream. And guess what? He had bought ice cream, too. So we spent a nice evening at home. We made dinner together, watched a silly movie (Role Models), and watched a couple of our favorite shows (Modern Family & Glee). We felt the baby move all around, and marveled at the new discovery that when I take a really, really deep breath it makes my newly fascinating bellybutton pop out. We talked about the upcoming days when it won’t just be him, me and the dog hanging out.

BTW – Total sidenote here, but Ronny and I can’t agree on anything…ever. When we both feel like watching TV it can be utterly disasterous because we can’t ever agree on the same thing to watch. He likes Family Guy and the History Channel; I like celebrity gossip shows and the dramas that I have mentioned before. But we both love Modern Family and Glee, so Wednesday night we’re like so many other suburban couples sitting in front of the TV, which sounds a little depressing, but for us, it’s fun quality time.

Anyways, the point is, Ronny pulled through for me yesterday, so he gets a couple of gold stars. (He’s on his way to Vegas today, though, so maybe he was just kissing up!)


2 thoughts on “Sweet husband

  1. Wow. In your last post, I can FEEL your pain! I say even if he *is* kissing up, you gotta take those good things and enjoy ’em. Then if you fall back into a funk while he’s gone, so be it. It’s no fun to be in (and I know this usually doesn’t help me) – but it will pass.

    (By the way, I’m gonna feel like a total dork if my little avatar fills up the whole column under ‘Recent Comments’…)

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