Ten Years

Can you believe it? I’m driving to San Diego to go to my ten year college reunion luncheon today. Sheesh. That makes me feel really old. And what have I done with that degree that I earned ten years ago? Well, not much, career wise. I mean, I’m a friggin’ secretary, for Pete’s sake. But last weekend I dug that diploma out of the drawers at my parents’ house so that I could hang it up at home. So now, I can sit here and look at it, and remember the days when I was young, semi-ambitious, dedicated, and actually had hope for a future career. The days when I was constantly challenged, inspired, and in the middle of my own existential journey. The days when I was surrounded by thinkers, writers and artists. Oh, those were the days…

Anyways, no time to write. I gotta go see what successes everyone else from the PLNU class of 1999 have realized.

2 thoughts on “Ten Years

  1. Nikki, I’m your mother and I love to read your writing….but get out of the “poor-me” syndrome!! I hope the reunion boosts you rather than makes you feel even more down. Try writing from a positive standpoint! Don’t focus on the successful, rich, beautiful classmates, but do focus on the fatter (not pregnant), unhappily married, unemployed, divorced with 3 kids classmates. That should make you feel better! Love, Mom

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