I have just had a fairly amazing discovery. I mean, one of the world’s best inventions! Apparently almost everyone else knows about this already, but it’s new to me.  Here’s how I came to my ah-ha eureka moment. About 6 weeks ago or so I realized my normal bras were beginning to cut off my circulation, so I went shopping and bought a couple of new ones that I thought I’d be able to grow into as the pregnancy progresses. But lately even these have become so tight that they’re leaving red marks and causing me to take short breaths. So I went online to investigate the world of maternity and nursing bras. They’re actually not nearly as marmy as one might think. But that’s not the discovery that I’m so thrilled about.

The magical invention of which I speak is the handy-dandy Full Support Bra Back Extender from Motherhood. Did you know there’s such as thing as bra strap extenders? It’s the most amazing thing since sliced bread!



Seriously. Check them out here. And do you see the price? They’re only $1.50. That’s an uber-bargain in my book, if you consider the comfort that these little doohickies provide.

I went to the mall today to check these little whippersnappers out and to try to find a bra that will do the trick after the baby is born. Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect, because the photos online don’t really show how the contraptions work. But the peel-away cups are a snap! Literally. They snap on and off for easy-access to the baby feeders.

Anyways, I’m thrilled, to say the least. It’s the little things, you know?




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