Not much going on

Well, there’s not much to say today. I probably wouldn’t post if it weren’t for NaBloPoMo, which I have miraculously managed to stick with for 22 days now. I’m feeling great, except for a constant case of mild heartburn (which I’ve never experienced in my life). It seems that that’s becoming fairly normal for me nowadays. The baby’s moving around a lot now. It’s no longer just a little kick; now I can feel baby parts move in slow little arcs across my tummy. But no, I can’t see them yet. I can just see creepy little flutters where the movement is. It’s really quite weird and fascinating to me. I’ve been told by a few experienced mothers that it’s a part of pregnancy that I will miss once the baby’s born.

I’ve also noticed that I have no ab muscles anymore. To go from lying on my back, or even from a reclining position, to a seated position requires very unladylike grunts and a clumsy flailing of the legs. I always wondered why pregnant women look so ridiculously pathetic trying to sit up or stand, and now I’m beginning to understand. It actually cracks me up to have to ask for a boost or to have to roll over to push myself up.

Another benefit to this pregnancy is the amazing sleep I’m getting. I don’t necessarily wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, but I sleep like a log! It’s absolutely wonderful, and I don’t know what I’m going to do come February when it becomes a thing of the past.

So, anyways, I’m sorry for the boring post about nothing, but there’s really not much going on. Tomorrow night, though, we start our childbirth preparation classes, so that should be exciting.

Wait a second! I forgot. Today IS an important day. According to my calculations, today is the first day of my third trimester! I can’t believe we’re already this far along. Holy mackerel…28 weeks!


2 thoughts on “Not much going on

  1. Not only will you miss that movement once you have the baby, but then you’ll be having random gas pains and you’ll be like, ‘I felt the-! Oh wait. That was just gas.’

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