I feel like such a cheater, but this is going to have to count as another post. I’m covering for our head honch’s assistant, so I’m too busy at work to even open this blog, let alone post to it. And we’ve got a lot to do to prepare for Thanksgiving, so there’s really no time to write. I suppose that’s the downside to committing to write every day for a month. You have to write just for the sake of writing, even when there’s no time to put down anything significant or interesting.

Every year my husband and I host Thanksgiving dinner. Well, it’s a fairly new tradition; this is year three. But it’s probably my favorite holiday, so I love preparing the meal for as many people as possible. This year there will only  be seven of us, and people have volunteered to bring side dishes and whatnot, so the workload will be lighter. But it makes me happy to host this holiday. And this will be our last holiday without kids! What a concept…next year we’ll have a 9 month old baby with us. I still haven’t really gotten a grip around just how much our lives are about to change. It’s so thrilling, but I honestly just can’t wrap my head around it.

Anyways, sorry for the quick post, but I’ve got a house to clean.

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