Childbirth Class #1

We’ve signed ourselves up for a 4-week childbirth preparation class in which we’ll supposedly learn how to have a baby with as little fear and tension as possible. Tonight was our first class, so from 7-9:30pm we sat and learned some basic stuff. Honestly, I don’t think there was any new information for me, but that’s just because of the umpteen pregnancy books I’ve had my nose buried in over the last six months. It was good, new information for Ronny, though. Considering the fact that he hasn’t cracked a single one of the books, and he’s never really thought about pregnancy or childbirth before, this is all fresh information for him, I think. It’s all common sense, so far, but it’s great to have the information presented in a classroom setting, and to have Ronny and me there together.

I’m hoping this class will not only prepare us for the big day, but also to enlighten Ronny on just how much work and pain I’ll be going through, which I’m hoping will in turn lead to lots of pampering. I doubt it, but a girl can hope, right?

So, because it’s past my bed time and I’m exhausted today, I’ll just give you one highlight of the class for now. The first exercise that we had was to go around the room and answer a few questions: 1. Due date 2. Baby’s sex, 3. Women: Worst part of pregnancy so far, 4. Men: Best part of pregnancy so far. Of the twelve couples there, six are having boys, five are having girls, and Ronny & I are the only ones who aren’t finding out until the big day. (Is it weird and wrong that I sortof think that makes us just a smidge cooler than everyone else?)

First of all, with the exception of two couples, everyone’s due in either January or February, so we’re all pretty much in the same boat. The women all answered that the worst part had something to do with sciatic pain, gas, back pain, exhaustion, indigestion, heartburn, stretch marks, etc. The guys’ answers to the question of ‘what’s the best part of pregnancy so far?’ were more varied: being able to take care of my wife, preparing to be a father, being able to carry on the family name, feeling the baby move, learning the miracles of the human body, intimacy with my wife…all kinds of sweet little things.  What do you think Ronny’s answer was? I’ll tell you right now I guessed it right away. He said his favorite part of the pregnancy so far was, you guessed it…big boobs. Of course, the class laughed, but the sad and funny thing is that I’m pretty sure he wasn’t really joking.

He did say, however, that the little trick I had shown him earlier in the day was pretty cool. I had been reclining on the couch, and I had my water cup setting on my belly. Yes, it’s at the point where I can easily set things there and there’s a solid enough surface that they don’t fall off. Well, I asked Ronny to look at my water cup. It was moving! The baby was moving around in my belly, causing the cup to rock back and forth. I don’t think he thought that was better than the boobs, but he definitely thought it was pretty neat to see.

Anyways, must go to sleep. BTW, NaBloPoMo in November is tough…It’s a busy month!


2 thoughts on “Childbirth Class #1

  1. Oh – and we didn’t find out the sex either. It was kind of wild how it could make people who were total strangers kind of hostile towards us. Like, ‘Who do you think you are showing self-control in our instant gratification society?? Don’t you CARE?’

  2. Ronny just said what all the other guys were thinking! With their main job just being to support us and prepare mentally (what man does that?) for nine months, they deserve a few perks. (No pun intended.) I have to be fair: Non-pregnant I’m an A cup, so getting to be nearly a C is fun for me too!

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