I’m feeling a little moody today. Mom and Dad stayed the night again, so we got up to stop by a few garage sales on the way to the swap meet, a favorite activity for our family. I actually slept last night, which was a huge improvement over the night before. Waking up to rain was such a treat; I lay in bed early listening to the sound we rarely get to hear here in SoCal. But, while the rain was wonderful, it caused the swap meet to be closed. My parents and I ended up at the farmers market, went out for lunch in Old Town, and came home to hang at the house. I finally got started on the tree that I’m painting on the baby’s wall…so far so good. I’ll post a photo once it’s done. And then we all made dinner and watched a movie.

By the end of the day I managed to get a serious case of cabin fever. It’s kindof hard for me to not have anything else to do. I love having a four-day weekend, but I really wish there was more to do besides eat, shop and watch movies. It leaves me feeling moody. I’m thinking that tomorrow might be a good day for some yoga. That always helps when I’m feeling a little depressed. Or at least a little exercise. It feels like our little baby gets more of a workout flopping around and rolling over all day than I do sitting on my rear end.

I just can’t wait to meet the little guy. Or girl. 40 weeks is a long time to anticipate and wonder…



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