Time to Eat

We had another doctors appointment today. So far so good, but it does seem that I need to be eating a little more. I haven’t gained any weight in the last couple of weeks, which Dr. S. says I don’t need to worry about. I just need to have more snacks, she says. It’s a far cry from a few weeks ago when I was told that I had gained too much weight! You may recall that at 27 weeks my belly measured at 25 cm. Well, today, at 29 weeks, it measured at 27 1/2 cm. Apparently the measurement is supposed to be the same number as how many weeks along you are, meaning that I should have measured in at 29 cm. But it’s okay as long as you’re within 2 cm of that amount. So, at 27 1/2 cm I’m measuring a little on the small side, but definitely still in the healthy range. I swear, though, I can’t eat any more than I already am. I mean, I could eat less healthy, but that’s not smart, and I could eat more meat, but that starts to gross me out after a while. But if I eat more food, I’ll make myself super uncomfortable. I already feel all bloated and like I’m going to pop every time I eat. But the doctor says I need to try to eat smaller meals more frequently. But I’m really not eating big meals at all. I get full before I can even pack much in.

Anyways, I practically begged the doctor to refer me for another ultrasound, so after seeing that I hadn’t gained any weight she agreed, citing unsubstantial maternal weight gain, or something like that. So, now I get to get a new peek at the baby!

The other thing that dawned on me recently and that I’ve been nervous about is my potential inability to breastfeed. I had 14 gauge, stainless steel hoops through my nipples from the day I turned 18 until the day I found out I was pregnant. That’s, what, 14 years? I mean, I took them out a few times over the years, but for the most part the rings had just been a part of me. I’ve been a little concerned that the potential of having severed my milk ducts will prevent my mama teats from doing their job, but my dear friend, J, who got hers pierced with me on that day of teenage rebellion says that it hasn’t caused her any troubles at all. She’s been breastfeeding since July when her little darling was born. Just another thing for me to worry about until the big day. Dr. S. said that there’s a strong chance that I’ll still be able to breastfeed, because these things sometimes heal, but we won’t know until we try. She’s so cute; she doesn’t even blink an eye at any question I ask her. From pierced nipples to cat poop-induced toxoplasmosis, to contractions after sex, she’s as cool as a cucumber and always explains the risks, benefits and ins & outs of anything I ask. I just hope she’s the on-call doctor the day that the baby decides to come…


By the way, today is officially the last day of November, which means that I have successfully achieved a goal! This is the first goal I’ve set and achieved in who knows how long. NaBloPoMo has been an experience, that’s for sure. Honestly, I don’t think blogging every day is the way to go for me. Granted, it does keep my juices flowing, but it causes me to just post drivel for the sake of completing the assignment. Oh, how that takes me back to high school… I should probably stick to journaling every day and then blogging when I have something mildly interesting to talk about. We’ll see what turns my writing takes from here.

Anyways, we’re at D minus 11 weeks and counting. Getting very excited!

One thought on “Time to Eat

  1. Congratulations on completing NaBloPoMo! Whoohoo!! I’m doing a little “thank-goodness-its-done” happy dance too!

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