A couple of months ago I got lucky and won a free massage in our employee slot tournament. I had entered the tournament knowing that the only prize I really wanted was the signature massage; there were tons of other prizes including tickets to Disneyland (ugh), dining gift certificates at the casino, movie tickets, etc. But all I really wanted was the massage. Somehow, out of the thousand or so employees that played in this tournament, I managed to win the one prize I wanted. Score!

At the time, though, I wasn’t really all that pregnant, so I decided to wait until month 7 to get a prenatal massage. Lately I’ve been feeling that I really need to get a good rub-down, so today I went to the spa after work. Now, I don’t know what I was expecting, exactly, but the massage was a bit of a disapointment. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice. It always feels good to have someone rub coconut-verbena oil on you for 45 minutes or so (I thought it was supposed to be an hour!!), but even after asking for more pressure, the girl didn’t really get in to my back as deeply as I would have liked. This is why I always like to get a massage from a man, by the way. And, the worst part? She massaged the TOP of my feet, not the bottom. Whose feet hurt on the top?

There’s nothing in the world like a good foot massage, but I guess I’ll have to keep holding out for that. (Although my mom did give me a superb foot rub over Thanksgiving weekend!)

I don’t mean to be such a complainer, but it seems to be a pattern with me. I mean, sheesh, I get a free massage in a spa and all I can do is gripe about how my tootsies still need attention? But I am quite relaxed, and I smell delicious, and it cost me nothing but a little gratuity. Gotta love that!

By the way, I can’t get in for my ultrasound until December 23…I hope I can wait that long…


3 thoughts on “Massage

  1. Okay, I must succumb and comment: That’s crap that she only gave you 45 minutes just because you weren’t paying for it!! And I feel the same way you do – when they don’t improve the pressure or ignore obvious areas like PREGNANT FEET – it’s such a waste of time. Didn’t she realize that if you enjoyed it, you might actually come back or recommend her to friends? I get massages fairly regularly and I feel like they’re like hairdressers. I found two I like and I don’t want anyone else!

    • Lol…succumb? I KNEW it! I haven’t heard from you in a while so I figured you were somehow trying to keep from commenting. 😉 I’m glad you’re able to see past my griping and complaining to see the real point! Anyone else might think I’m a brat for even saying anything.

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