I’ve been quite remiss about updating this blog over the last week or so. I actually have a few little updates, but just haven’t had the time, energy or motivation to post. Plus, I’ve had a tummy ache. This crazy baby is taking up so much space in my belly! The heartburn is horrible.

Update 1: Childbirth Preparation Classes

We had our final class on Tuesday night. During the class there was a lot of talk about poop, which, if you know me, you’ll know is one of my favorite things to talk about. Apparently trying to push a baby out of your hoo-hoo uses all the same muscles and whatnot as trying to go to the bathroom. And, not only is it acceptable to poop on the delivery table, but apparently it’s pretty much to be expected.  And even more exciting, apparently by the time you poop on the table you’re not even remotely concerned or embarassed about it if you’re even aware of it!

So we did a little exercise where we practiced breathing and then pushing (without actually pushing) during pretend contractions. We had 12 couples, all the guys with their backs against the wall, all the girls with their backs against the guys and legs spread up in the air, breathing, grunting, and looking like they were trying to have a baby. What a funny and awkward sight…Weird.

We also saw another birthing video and learned all about epidurals from a guest anesthesiologist who came to speak to the class. I definitely think that Ronny and I are more educated about the drugs, and it seems a little less scary now that I understand how it all works, but I’m still going to do my best to go drug-free. We’ll see, though, how I feel on the big day. I’m such a wimp that I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m begging for drugs before we even make it to the hospital.

Overall, the classes were good, I think. We learned a little, but it’s not like we learned anything that I haven’t already read in a book. But it was nice to have a teacher, and to be able to answer questions, and to see the movies. I’m glad we took them, and I definitely feel a little bit more prepared than I did before. I definitely think Ronny’s more prepared, too. At least I know that he’s aware of what he needs to do on the big day. Whether or not he’ll remember and be able to perform under stress, though, will be a whole different story. I bet he’ll be amazing.

Update 2: Week 31 Doctor’s Appointment – To come with the next post.


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