I know I said in the last post that I would write about our doctor’s appointment next. But I’m a big fat liar, apparently, because today I’m just going to post some photos. A few posts back I mentioned that I had started painting a tree in the baby’s room. It’s the first thing we’ve (I’ve) done to the house to prepare for our upcoming bundle of joy. I had so much fun with this little project! I meant to paint in the colors of our bedding set, but I got a little carried away and used brighter colors. Heck, I doubt the baby will complain if his/her room is too colorful.

You may notice in the photos that I’m starting to look like I swallowed a beach ball. Well, at 31 1/2 weeks, I’m starting to feellike I swallowed a beach ball full of wet sand. And it’s starting to hurt pretty badly. If it weren’t for Ronny, I’d probably be panicking a little, actually. There’s this super sharp pain about 4 inches to the left of my belly button, right where, if I can remember the diagrams from class correctly, my ligament attaches to my uterus. Yesterday and today it has hurt so badly that I started thinking that the pulling would cause the ligament to detach, leaving my uterus flopping around in my belly. And tiny bits of spotting led me to get really freaked out, but Ronny reminded me that the Childbirth Prep teacher, Sandy, said that this was totally normal. I think somebody must have just had a growth spurt, or something.  Let’s just say that I really can’t wait for Wednesday when we finally have our ultrasound.


2 thoughts on “Tree

  1. That tree is beautiful! I love the colors! If I remember correctly, I also called in about the same pain and it’s exactly what you think it is – just that ligament being stretched. She called it something and as soon as I identified where it was, she was totally like, ‘Yep, that’s it.’ So many weird things happen to the body when you’re pregnant… It makes sense that some of it isn’t the same afterwards!

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