Phew! We’re doing great!

We had our ultrasound on Wednesday (5 days ago, 12/23). Sorry, but with the holidays I just haven’t been able to (or felt like) sitting down to update the blog.

You may remember that there were two reasons for my ultrasound: 1., I really, really wanted one so I begged my doctor to refer me, and 2., I wasn’t growing as big or as quickly as I should have been. Well, it turns out that I may just be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t get huge during pregnancy, because our baby is measuring a week ahead of time! I haven’t been to my doctor yet to see what she says about the results, but the ultrasound tech said that it looks like the due date should be February 6th, not the 12th. That’s almost a whole week ahead of schedule!

She said the baby’s showing that I was (as of last week) at 33 weeks, not 32, and that the baby weighs about 4 pounds 12 ounces. And, with the baby’s expected weight to increase by 1/2 pound to a pound a week, I should expect a big ol’ 8-pounder. Well, I hear these measurements are very often inaccurate, but now I can at least feel confident that we’ve got a healthy baby growing in my belly. Phew!

I wish I could post a picture of the little one, but s/he is too big to get a good shot. We were able to get a fairly good look at her/him, though, at least from the back. We saw the heart beating, and the little aorta, and the stomach, and the bladder, and an ear, but other than that it was tough to see anything. (No, we did not see the sex…we made sure the tech didn’t show us that part.) The baby is also positioned head-down and very low, which means very little chance of a breach baby, which, obviously, is good news.

So, so far so good! We can’t wait to see what Dr. S. says. More updates soon…


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