34 1/2 Weeks and Shower #1

Ok, I don’t know what the heck is going on here. We went to another doctor’s appointment yesterday, only this time we met with a different doctor in the medical group. He was a big, sloppy, human booger of a man…Let’s call him Dr. N. In our group there are five doctors, any of which could be the on call doc to deliver our little bundle of joy on the big day. Ronny and I are both hoping this guy’s not the one.

Well, you may recall that as of my last appointment, two weeks ago, I was measuring 3cm too small at 28cm. Yesterday, not only did I supposedly only gain 1 pound since the last appointment (faulty scales, anyone?), but now I’m measuring at 34 1/2 cm…which puts me at normal plus 1/2 cm! What gives?!? I asked him if he had a different technique than Dr. S., or if they measured from different spots or something, b/c that’s just asinine! He said something about how the baby could have been positioned sideways or something, but I think it’s a load of dookie. If I did, in fact, grow 6 1/2 cm in 2 weeks, though, that would explain the severe stretching pains I had for several days straight…

I’m confused. But, apparently I’m right on track, the baby’s healthy, and we’re keeping my due date at February 12, regardless of what the ultrasound showed. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

Yesterday at work was also the first of my three, count’em THREE!, baby showers. Oh my goodness…like a million people came for lunch, games and gifts. First of all, let me point out that one of my least favorite things in the world is to be the center of attention. That’s why, when one of my colleagues told me that she was going to throw me a shower, I initially said no way, José. But, a new mother herself, she wouldn’t back down. So I told her, “Ok, but just invite my close co-workers; I don’t want people who don’t know me well or like me much to feel obligated to bring a gift.” She laughed at me and basically implied that I had nothing to do with it. Well, she invited like 75 people…seriously. A few of whom I don’t even know. I felt embarassed, but was encouraged when 37 people RSVP’d yes.

Well, about 25-30 people showed up to yesterday’s soiree, most of them bearing pastelly paper wrapped gifts. We played the guess-how-big-around-nikki’s-belly-is game, and we played a Price Is Right game with little baby gifts and baby food (at which I totally failed), and we had a fantastic lunch of little sandwiches and picknicky items. And then there were the gifts…O….M….G….I seriously couldn’t believe what some people gave me! I mean, I’m not really all that popular at work. I only have one regular lunch partner; usually I eat lunch all alone like the nerd that I am. But people must get the baby fever or something. They all gave me such nice, thoughtful, probably expensive gifts!

Honestly, I was so thrilled to get all this sweet swag that I’m definitely going to need, but I felt a little embarassed opening gift after gift after gift in front of an audience of that size. Awkward! It’s so humbling to receive such treasures. I’m so grateful for every last bit of it. And I don’t even think I’ll have any returns.

Now, I just need to go home and put all the little booties and onesies and burp cloths and whatnot into the drawers of our brand new baby dresser.

Oh yeah, the dresser! Ronny’s parents told us that if we could find a dresser we liked that they would buy it for us. We totally SCORED the other day when I found a super-awesome dresser for 70% off! I’m such a sucker for a sale, but this dresser is awesome, and I’m actually very excited about it. It’s PERFECT!

I’d post a picture, but I seem to have misplaced my camera cord yet again. I have a few preggo belly shots, too, that are just sitting in my camera waiting to be uploaded. Sigh…

Anyways, we’re getting close. 4 1/2 weeks and counting….

And tonight I’m going to another childbirth preparation class. This one’s free, so hopefully it won’t be crappy. It’s a 2-week session, put on by one of the local cord blood banking companies. I’m expecting to be battered by a cord banking pitch, but I figured, heck, I’d love to learn more about that, plus, it can’t hurt to learn as much as I can about having a baby, right? And I’m going alone…apparently one round of classes is good enough for Ronny. I’m just glad he’s gone to all of the doctor’s appointments and to the 4-week classes we already took. He’s already being a good dad (Heart goes thump, thump, thump here).


3 thoughts on “34 1/2 Weeks and Shower #1

  1. YAY!! So glad you’re appt went well (other than the weird dr), but who cares you’re measuring right on! And baby showers are just that to be showered with all kinds of wonderful gifts for that amazing bundle of joy you’re about to meet! I am with you though, I hate being the center of attention too!

  2. What a wonderful shower! I totally understand the awkwardness though… I was teaching high school when I was pregnant with my son and my co-worker called me from the school library at the end of the day and said I needed to come sign some form. I was in a rotten mood and just wanted to go home, so I was a total B to her! I eventually walk across campus and there are all our theatre students, my HUSBAND and one of my SISTERS, TONS of presents, balloons and a cake. I felt like a complete jerk for like a week…

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