35 1/2 Weeks and Shower #2

This weekend was the baby shower up at my parents’ friends’ house. It was so nice, because not only were our good family friends all there, but my parents, J.T. & Justin, Ronny’s mom, dad, brother and brother’s wife Lisa were there. At first I thought it might be kindof awkward to have a co-ed baby shower, but all the guys seemed up for it and it ended up being great! There was a football game for all of the guys to watch, but they all participated in the fun shower games, and most of them even watched while we made our way through a mountain of colorful, soft gifts. We had a lovely lasagna dinner, during which Ronny got up and gave a heartfelt toast about how lucky we are to have such loving, supportive parents who get along so well with one another. (Another checkmark in the Why-Ronny’s-a-Keeper column.) He also thanked all of the friends for being there and for being so supportive. I can’t recapture his speech, but suffice it to say that he has again endeared himself in the hearts of our family and friends.

And he endeared himself to me not only for being there and for being my babydaddy, but also for opening the gifts with me. As I mentioned before, I feel really awkward being the center of attention, especially when gifts are involved. But with Ronny there to read the cards, it was fun! We got so many cute and fuzzy little gifts for the little one on his or her way. I can’t wait to get everything organized and put away…

I don’t know what it is, but I’m so sleepy I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I can’t really write much more for now. But just know that the shower this weekend was a ton of fun! Now, I’m just counting down the minutes until Thursday at 5pm when I officially start my maternity leave….is that bad?


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