Ditching, breastfeeding & 1 hour to go

So, Tuesday night was the second installment of the childbirth classes…I ditched. I couldn’t help it! After work I was so tired that I just couldn’t bring myself to go. Oh well. I suppose the baby’s going to come whether I know the best massage techniques or not. Plus, what good is it for ME to learn the massage techniques when it’s Ronny who’s supposed to do the massaging?

But tonight is the breastfeeding class. Believe it or not, I think I may have convinced Ronny to come with me. He has a good point, that it seems that it’s really more of a process that will be done mostly by me, but from what I understand, all of the other husbands go to the classes. Plus, I think you learn more than just how to get the baby to latch on correctly. Ronny agreed to go, and in fact it wasn’t that difficult to convince him. He’s been so good and supportive throughout this whole pregnancy, at least with the doctor’s appointments and the childbirth classes. And he’s been really good with the ice cream! So we’ll see how that goes tonight. I’ll report back.

And, today’s my last day of work. In fact, I only have one more hour. Yes, I decided to do a quick update from work because I’ve finished everything else that I need to do. I’ve cleaned up my desk, finished all of my to-do’s, and now I’m just counting down the minutes. 56 to go… 🙂


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