All guilt I may have been feeling about taking maternity leave has vanished, just so you know. So far I’ve managed to make the most of my time, I think, and I’ve appreciated every moment. Especially this morning, when I was able to sleep in as late as I wanted (10am) and then lie in bed listening to the crazy storm outside, reading the Bradley Method birthing book that my sister-in-law lent me (a very good book, by the way), and then getting out of bed temporarily to fix toast and coffee (decaf, ugh) to enjoy in bed, and then finally a shower around 12:30. To some, this may seem like a waste of perfectly good time, but to me, it was a wonderful, snuggly experience much better than sitting at my desk reading emails. Plus, Ronny’s not home today, so why should I feel the need to get out of bed, huh?

On Monday we had our 36 1/2 week checkup with Dr. S. She informed me that, although the baby isn’t quite due yet, s/he could come any day now. So if I see any unusual bleeding, or if I suddenly feel like I peed my pants, I should go to the hospital. Ok, now, my belly’s huge, and I’ve been feeling baby movement, and I’ve been reading all of the pregnancy books that I can get my hands on, but honestly, this moment was a reality check for me. I mean, OMG, am I really about to have a BABY?!?!? Er, um, I’m scared! Seriously, am I mature enough to take care of a helpless, squirmy little Ronny? Thank goodness he’s here…I don’t know what I’d do without him!

You may remember that at my last appointment we met with Dr. N., the sloppy human booger man, who told me I was measuring at 34 1/2 cm, which indicated a growth of 6 1/2 cm in two weeks, along with only one pound of weight gain. I thought he was nutzo, but at this appointment with Dr. S. I still weighed in at 151, which showed NO weight gain (!!!) but my belly was measuring at 36 cm, indicating that not only is the baby growing, but I’m measuring right on target now. (36 cm at 36 weeks) Dr. S. said that we could chalk that 6 1/2 cm growth to baby’s big growth spurt. It sounds like the baby’s gaining weight while my body is actually losing weight.  Dr. S. says not to worry, that I must just be one of the lucky ones. I guess the baby’s just taking all of the nutrients it needs from me, leaving my body to burn calories or something. The doctor did say that I need to keep eating as much as I can, though, just to make sure. Peanut Butter Panic here I come! (For the world’s most amazing store-bought ice cream, click here. Obviously, Cold Stone has a leg up, but that’s not even fair to compare.)

But I’m starting to ramble on again…

We also had our hospital tour on Monday night. I heard that this was a must-do, but honestly, it kindof felt like a waste of time. In fact, I don’t think I’ll even waste my time writing about it. The only thing I really learned is that we need to register online ahead of time and bring my ID into the hospital before going in for birth. Oh, and that the hospital smells stinky. Oh, yeah, and that there’s a pretty darned good chance that, if the baby can hold out until its due date, we’ll be able to have the baby in the hospital’s new wing. That would be nice!

I also checked out “The Happiest Baby on the Block” on DVD from the library, and somehow managed to get Ronny to watch it with me. I have the book, but haven’t gotten very far through it, plus, I had been told by a couple of brand new parents that this was the miracle DVD, so I decided to hunt it down. We learned about the 5 S’s (swaddling, shh’ing, sucking, shaking?, no, that can’t be right,…um, have I already forgotten them?) Ok, I looked it up; it’s swaddling, shushing, swinging (not shaking, duh!), side-lying position, and sucking that trigger the calming response. (BTW, don’t panic. I won’t shake the baby. I just couldn’t remember the S’s.) I don’t know if the little techniquies will work, but by all means, it’s best to be armed with all the knowledge we can, right? So, we’ll see if we’re able to calm our baby, and if we become the happiest parents on the block.

And now, as we’re moving into the home stretch, I’m feeling a little crampy. The doctor told me this was normal and to be expected, and that it’s the baby just moving a little lower. Our next appointment is on the 28th, so we’ll see how we’re measuring up then.

And best of all? This Saturday is my baby shower with my girlfriends in San Diego…I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Ahh…Chillin’

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  2. I’m enjoying reading the blog!!! And I’m looking forward to the shower too, if the rainstorms don’t keep me from coming down…..I will be one disappointed grandmamma if that happens!! Luv ya!

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