My last…sniff…baby shower

Ok, I’ve been a real slacker. You’d think that without going to work 45 hours a week I’d have plenty of time to update my blog, but somehow my days are busier than ever. Well, that is, if you count movie time as busy, productive time. It’s amazing how I still can’t keep the house clean, but oh well. I guess I better get used to that.

Saturday my besties in San Diego threw me my final baby shower. It was so fun! Instead of little games, my friend R planned a onesie- and bib-decorating activity. They had set up all of these basic, plain onesies and bibs hanging on a clothesline, and an arts & crafts table set up with fabric pens, puffy paint and stencils. All the girls (and one boy) decorated their own onesies and bibs with their own personal touches. Not only was it a fun and creative activity, but now I have a whole collection of one-of-a-kind getups for our baby!

It was a potluck-style brunch, so everyone chipped in their own yummy treats…it was all super-delicious, but boy oh boy did those mimosas look devastatingly delectable! My martinelli’s and blood orange spritzers were just as good, I’m sure.  We also had a wonderful little gifting session where I received all kinds of goodies for the baby. I tell you what; this baby’s going to be a spoiled little fashionista right from the get-go!

I love my girls night group so much, and they made me feel so special! It’s so nice to have such an amazing group of friends, even if I do have to travel an hour to hang out with them. Sigh.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I felt a little sad on the way home. I didn’t want my shower to end. I remember when we first talked about throwing this shower, a couple of months ago, that January 23 seemed sooooo far away. I was also worried that it might be cutting it a little close to baby’s arrival, but that turned out to not be a concern. Now that the date has come and gone, I feel inexplicably sad that it’s over. Is that weird?

Here are a few pics for you to enjoy…

BTW, my friend M also brought me a disk with the pregnancy photo shoot photos she did for me…I’ll post those next time. It’ll give you something to look forward to! 😉

2 thoughts on “My last…sniff…baby shower

  1. It was fun, wasn’t it? I enjoyed getting to know the girls’ night troop a little better! Thanks to all of you for making me feel like the most special grandma in the world!!!

  2. Sounds like an enjoyable maternity leave thus far… What a wonderful group of friends you have – I don’t blame you for being sad. There’s so much build-up – kinda like a wedding day – and then it’s just over! I can’t wait to log on and see a picture of the little one!

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