Yes, I’m a slacker. How is it that I can have all of this free time and still not manage to update this blog? I’ll tell you how. Because I’m sleeping 10-12 hours per night and then spending the day cleaning, organizing, shopping, watching movies or otherwise wasting time. But, it’s not like much is happening anyways.

We did go to the doctor again on Thursday…I haven’t posted since then, right? Or have I? See, I’ve been feeling really, really spacy. Spacey? Maybe I’m repeating myself, but at the last appointment, which was my 37 1/2 – 38-week appointment, I measured at 38 centimeters. That means that the baby is growing right on schedule! I still haven’t gained any weight…I think it’s been about six weeks since I put on any poundage, but the doc says that’s okay as long as the baby is growing.

And growing it is. The kicking is getting to be startingly strong. Every now and then it comes out of nowhere and there’s a sudden pain where a lump protrudes from my belly. But I’m not complaining about that pain. The pain that I am complaining about is the really sharp pains that hit me way low in my private lady parts and my rear end. Seriously. It’s a sharp stabbing pain that feels like someone’s shoving a sharp pencil where the sun don’t shine. But Dr. S. says that’s just round ligament pain, similar to what I was feeling up higher several weeks ago, but since the baby’s heading south, so is the pain.

Speaking of heading south, I’m now getting weekly examinations, and on this examination, Dr. S. dug in deep and exclaimed, upon bumping into something, sending an ickily painful sensation through me, the same feeling as a pap smear when the cervix is swabbed, but really just being prodded, that “oh, wow! the baby’s head is right there!” I guess she pretty much touched the cervix, which, she said, hasn’t started dilating yet, but which is 30% effaced. That’s progress!

I asked if she could tell if the baby would be early, late or on time, and she said that we can only ask the good lord about that because only he knows. We also asked about the hospital opening in time for our delivery, but, alas, we have to ask the good lord about that, too. I also asked a TON of questions about the actual birth. Things like what is her C-section rate, how long can I push, does she often do routine episiotomies? I won’t bore you with all of the questions and answers but the important thing is that she never does episiotomies, unless there’s an emergency, which is the answer I was hoping for. I wasn’t looking forward to being sliced open. Generally, with an epidural, (which I’m going to try not to have), they’ll let you push for 3 hours, but for non-drugged labors they only allow 2 hours. But what if I want to push longer? She said it all depends on the doctor, fetal distress and the mother’s exhaustion. I can choose not to get an IV, but I’m not allowed to eat or drink anything throughout the whole ordeal. And, they try not to do internal fetal monitoring unless absolutely necessary. Blah, blah, blah…I think she was relieved when the appointment was over, but she did say she’s had mothers ask more questions and that I was by far not the worst. She does always smile patiently and answer my questions…

So anyways, today is Monday. Our next appointment is Thursday. I had kindof been hoping that the baby would come tomorrow, Groundhog Day, which is Ronny’s favorite holiday, but it’s not looking like it’s going to happen. We’re still looking at the 12th…and that’s starting to look like it’s coming pretty soon.

But you know what? Whenever this little one comes will be the right time…as long as it’s not a week or 2 after the due date. I’ve gotten everything ready. We went to the CHP to have the carseat installed and safety inspected. I’ve put the pack-n-play together, and now we only need to do one thing. Let’s have this baby already!

Oh, and sorry for not posting the prego pics yet…I’ve been too stinking lazy. Oopsiedaisies!


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