My Pregnancy Photos

Normally I wouldn’t post photos of myself with my belly hanging out on the internet. But I have to say, this is probably the first — and maybe the last — time I’ve ever felt proud of my body. My friend Mel took me out for a super-prego photo shoot a couple of weeks ago, and here are a few of her shots. I think she did a great job!

The photos are big so it might take a bit for them to load…

BTW, Mel did these photos for me as a favor for a friend. She’s working on her skills, I’m too ‘frugal’ to pay the big bucks that a pro with a lot of experience would charge. But I want to plug Mel’s business. She and her husband Jon do great photography. They did our wedding, and Jon’s launching a photo-safari-in-Africa business. You should check out their website to see some of their work…If you look hard enough you can find some of our wedding photos, but here’s a hint: they were taken before I chopped off my hair.


4 thoughts on “My Pregnancy Photos

  1. Thanks Nikki! You are an easy subject to take pictures of and it was a lot of fun. So glad I could do it for you! I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of your little bundle of joy!

  2. Beautiful pictures. The neat thing will be when your baby is around 3 and then 4 and then 5 and each time you show them the pictures there will be a wonderment… ‘I was IN THERE?’

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