Any day now

Well, I really thought the baby was going to make its big debut on Superbowl Sunday. Seriously, I’ve believed for the last several weeks that the halftime show was going to bring more than just The Who. But, we made it through the whole game without even the slightest contraction. I did have dull cramps all day, but nothing special, hopefully just a little more effacement, and I was so exhausted that I hardly made it through the game with my eyes open. But I did manage to eat everything in sight…I swear I was like a ravished vacuum. I probably consumed enough calories for six days, if not six weeks, but heck, these days of “eating for two” are very nearly over, and I really haven’t been eating much or gaining significant weight, so I think I deserve a little gluttony here and there. Right?

This morning I went to my weekly pre-natal yoga class (one of the best things about not working all day is that I can actually go to yoga!), hoping for some baby action, but, alas, nothing happened. The poor instructor was constantly asking me if I could do the poses, probably worried that my water was going to break all over the studio while I was in downward facing dog. I was hoping so, but again, nothing happened. I know we’re not due for 3 more days, but I’m ready for this baby to come. What the heck is taking so long???

I have been extra  moody and depressed the last couple of days, though. Poor Ronny has, of course, received the worst of it. But, instead of being the sensitive husband that understands what is going on and tries to be sympathetic and feed me chocolate, massage and compliments, he’s been antagonizing the heck out of me, exacerbating my aggravation and making everything exponentially worse. I think the storm has blown over, though, so today we’re going to go to Costco to stock up the house with groceries and whatnot. (And to get hot dogs!) I told him I wanted to have fun today, after having been grumpy for the last 2-3 days, but because we can’t think of a single fun thing to do in Temecula, Costco it is. Weee! Gotta love living in the ‘burbs.

We do have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll show a little progress. My belly has dropped and is starting to feel pretty low, which is nice because it’s creating plenty of space up top. But I’m so uncomfortable at night that I can’t sleep to save my life. And, my boobs are leaking more. I don’t remember if I mentioned it before, probably not, because, really, who wants to know about these things, but I’m fascinated by it. It’s been happening for several weeks now, giving me confidence that breastfeeding will work for us. Anyways…TMI, I’m sure.

So, until next time, keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers for us that this baby will come soon, painlessly (yeah, right!) and without complication. I’m ready, Ronny’s ready, and our poor parents panic every time we call them, thinking that “it’s time”. Let’s get this show on the road!

2 thoughts on “Any day now

  1. I’m praying for a safe and as-pain-free-as-possible delivery. I don’t know if this is much consolation, but you are definitely not alone in wanting it all to be over. Everyone feels like that last week lasts a whole trimester itself, and you’re entitled to some grumpiness and moodiness. You have the right idea – the main thing is to just do what you can to keep yourself happy and comfortable and know that the light is at the end of the tunnel… (So to speak!)

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