At long last…some photos of Baby Maysen

Ok, after yesterday’s lengthy story about how this little angel of ours came into this world, here are a few photos to illustrate. (Um, to illustrate her, not the actual birth. But I have those photos, too!) Call me biased, but I’m pretty sure that she’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen! (Sorry if it takes a while to load. Some of these files are probably pretty big.)


5 thoughts on “At long last…some photos of Baby Maysen

  1. Oh my goodness… She is *beautiful*. I absolutely love the one of her yawning and I’m assuming you made the adorable yellow hat she has on in the one. You and Ronny look so genuinely happy to have her… I look forward to more as she grows!

    • Thanks! Yes, I made the hat. The funny thing is, when I started it, I had intended for it to be a gift for my mother. It turned out a little smaller than planned, so it was perfect for the little one.

      • I love it! That makes me feel better about the scarf that was supposed to be for my son when he was a toddler – I gave up when I realized I was making it taller than his head!

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