A Few Photos From the Big Day

It may seem a little weird to post photos from my labor, but I thought I’d share a few of the moments from Maysen’s birth. Don’t worry; none of the gruesome photos are here.

Ronny needed the oxygen mask more than I did. I experienced the pain, but he got to see everything up close and personal.

I got to see everything too. This gorgeous picture was snapped the very second that I looked in the mirror and saw the baby’s head crowning. I think it’s also when I dropped the F Bomb, too, but you’d have to ask my mom to know for sure.

No explanation needed here, right?

Yes, I cried the moment I held little Maysen in my arms for the first time. Call me a crybaby if you will, but man, that’s an overwhelming experience!

Daddy checking out his new daughter. I’d say he’s a proud father!

Yes, we’re now a happy family. Note the time; Maysen’s about 33 minutes old here. I would have put on some makeup and fixed my hair, or maybe put on a shirt, but I was pretty tired.

Maysen takes a little nap after getting all cleaned up. What a pink little angel.

Yes, this is how beautiful I look in the morning. I think this was morning #2, but it hasn’t really gotten any better…yet.

One thought on “A Few Photos From the Big Day

  1. Oh yeah, here are the pics. I love ’em. In a strange way they’re helping me prepare mentally for the roller coaster that is to come… I also forgot to weigh in on the nickname question. I like Maysee or Masey. Maysie makes me feel like the ‘s’ sounds like a ‘z’ – as in the cartoon mouse Maisy. Actually I like Maysee better because it puts the ‘y’ closer to where you have it in her real name. Just my thoughts!

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