A silent moment

Right now the only sounds I hear are the dog panting and the baby sleeping on my chest. She’s been particularly fussy the last few days so I’ve been holding her pretty much 24/7. Not that I mind, because I do love holding little Maysen. She makes little panting and gurgling noises when she sleeps, noises that keep me wondering if she’s having trouble breathing or is about to spit up and choke. And then she’ll suddenly make laughy-giggly sounds, even though I know she’s not quite capable of laughing yet. But it’s still adorable.

We went back to the doctor a couple of days ago for our weigh-in and bili check. It was supposed to be our 2-week checkup, but since we had already been to the doctor a handful of times dealing with the jaundice, it was more like a 3 week and 2 day checkup. Her bili level was down to 6, which means we’re on our way to being 100% jaundice free, and her weight is up to 7 pounds, 4 ounces, so she’s finally back up to her birth weight and then some. She also measured at 20 cm now, so I guess she’s already growing to be a big tall girl.

She also had to get her first shot. We decided not to do the Hepatitis B shot at the hospital, so we went ahead and did it at this appointment. I expected her to scream bloody murder, but when the needle went into her little thigh, I was tearing up before she even seemed to know what happened. After a couple of seconds she cried, but it wasn’t quite as fierce and piercing of a scream as it is when she’s got a pound of poop in her diaper.

The other fun experience we had the other day was taking her in to Sears to get her photos taken. I’ve been wanting to take newborn photos of her…you know, the classic naked baby shots, but we’ve had a few setbacks. 1. She had very, very chapped lips from the first days of breastfeeding. 2. She was yellowish from the jaundice. 3. She had little scratches all over her face from her little fingernails. For some reason she really likes to squeeze her own face, and if I’ve failed to put the little mittens on her hands, her tender little face can’t take it. And 4. She HATES being naked. So, I’ve taken a few naked baby photos in my little home studio (blanket spread over the couch), but they’re all red-faced screaming poses, hardly the serene shots to send out on a baby announcement. (P.S., this is also why I haven’t sent out baby announcements; she just won’t let me take a good picture!)

So anyways, my mom and I had set an appointment at Sears for 10:30 on Sunday morning. I fed the baby on the way out the door, and we arrived about 10:20 or so. She was dead asleep, and dressed in the cutest little outfit that Justin gave her. We figured we’d be able to gently lift her out of the stroller and onto the photo set and then she’d do all of her cute little waking up faces. Not so. Right at 10:30 as the photographer was ready for us, Maysen woke up and started screaming. She’s either quiet or screaming so loudly that my blood pressure rises and I break out in a sweat, and this was no different. So for the next 30 minutes, I tried to feed her (behind the curtain at Sears) and the photographer patiently waited until he said we needed to reschedule for 11:30. Fine. It seriously took until then to get her fed and calmed down enough to stop whimpering. But by 11:30 we were ready to roll, and Maysen let us set her in silly little positions on the black velvet set. But she wouldn’t smile, obviously, because she’s too young. And she wouldn’t look at the camera, and she wouldn’t lift her head, and she basically looked pissed off the entire time.

When it came time to look at the proofs, it wasn’t as difficult to narrow down the shots as I had imagined. I figured there would be so many fabulous shots of my little baby in her pink polka dot dress with matching headband that I’d end up spending a fortune on photos rather than the $7.99 deal that I had come in to take advantage of. It turned out that there wasn’t even one really good shot. I mean, they were all cute, but either her face was all squished up and frowny because it had dropped to her chest, or her hands were in front of her face, or she was crying. We did end up choosing one of the photos just because we had gone through all of the trouble and because it was so cheap, but it’s not perfect. Lesson learned: you really can’t expect a 22-day old baby to be a ham for the camera, so if you decide to take photos of your newborn, be prepared to take what you can get.

As expected, the photographer wasn’t happy that I had just decided to purchase their bait $7.99 package, and yes, he tried very hard to upsell me on the $200 package, the lowest priced package that they offered, which was on sale for a measley $168. The photos will be ready for pickup on the 19th, so I’ll try to figure out how to scan and post one then…I just couldn’t justify the $200 for the photo CD!

Well, Maysen’s starting to make little wakey squeeky sounds, so I must run. Until next time…


2 thoughts on “A silent moment

  1. I’m sorry, but getting portraits done has always been something I dread. In the beginning, he looked like this awkward, scared, toupee’d little man… then later he had constant redness around his mouth from all the drooling that accompanied teething… still later it was stranger danger which is why we have one of him hugging my leg. Now that he’s six it’s much easier, but I still hate worrying about what to put him in and whether we should include us or not. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate having them, I just wish the process was more painless.

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