Slacking off yet again.

Oh, Man, I haven’t been very good at keeping up with this blog.

Today is Maysen’s 2 month birthday. I can’t even believe how time has flown. We went to the doctor yesterday and she was 9 pounds, 5 ounces, and 22 inches long. OMG she’s going to be asking to borrow the car soon!

Somehow I’m still exhausted even though I’m starting to get more sleep. I have so much to cover that has happened since my last blog posting, but to tell the truth, I probably won’t write about any of it. Everything still feels a little overwhelming, and the second that the baby finally lies down and gives me five minutes to myself, I look around the house at all of the clutter piles, think of all of the things I need to do on the computer, and consider taking a nap. But really, I have no energy to do the former items, and the latter is really a daydream that will never happen. I know that as soon as I finally drift off to sleep I’ll hear the wails of Maysen waking from her nap.

Since I’m too sleepy and unmotivated to write about anything, maybe I’ll just post a few of her more recent photos.

I was all excited to post these two photos on Easter Sunday, but when the day came I couldn’t get my photo card to work with my parents’ computer. So, a little late, we wish you a happy Easter!

Then, when we were up at my parents’ house for Easter, poor Maysen had to sit through another photo shoot. But we got some cute shots!

Believe it or not, we got this big Easter bunny when I was 8 years old!

Maysie sleeps through her first Easter photo shoot.

Of course, I have quite a few more photos that I would love to post, but right now I just HAVE to get some stuff done!


One thought on “Slacking off yet again.

  1. She is so pretty and getting so big. I’m so glad I can keep up with all of you now. It took you having a baby before I finally got a laptop. Take care of your little angel. Love ya, Opal

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