More Photos of the Princess

Just a quick note before you start reading. You may notice that this blog has gone from a storytelling sort of thing to more of a picture-showing sort of thing. It’s not intentional. I’ll try to balance it out going forward. Maybe not for your sake, but for mine. Is that selfish? What? It is? Oh, well. It probably won’t happen anyways.

Did I forget to write about what Ronny did for me a couple of weekends ago? I can’t believe it, but I think I did.

Well, Mom was in town visiting her granddaughter (note: not her own daughter!), and on Saturday morning we got up nice and early to do one of my favorite things: garage-saling! I scored some serious bargains (about $300 worth of children’s books for $20, a gift from Grandma), as did my mom, and before noon I actually had to say, “Well, if we can’t fit any more stuff into the car, I guess it’s time to go home.” That’s how you know you’ve had a great garage sale day!

When we got home, I loaded my arms up with as much of my newly acquired junk and headed inside. I opened the garage door, and standing in my kitchen was Ronny along with several of my best friends from San Diego. Ronny had secretly planned a surprise winetasting extravaganza, complete with a limo to take us to a few of the local wineries. When we got back to the house he made up an amazing Italian feast, and then after hanging out with the party for a while, he took Maysen over to his buddy’s house for his own slumber party. We had an awesome time drinking wine, sitting by a fire in the back yard, even making s’mores (with Peeps!). First thing in the morning, Ronny showed up with Maysen, handed her off to me (diaper weighing about 3 pounds) and went downstairs to prepare breakfast for everyone who had spent the night. It was the first time I felt like my old self since long before the baby was born. As much as I love our little Maysie, I was sure glad to have a night without being up all night!

What an awesome day! I think my hubby might be a keeper!

So, another thing that has started happening with Maysen since my last posting, or at least since I last posted pictures, is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. She can smile now!

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to capture the smile because I usually have both hands occupied when she looks into my eyes and grins, but heck, here’s a cute picture! (BTW, I always swore I’d never be one of those moms who puts bows in her baby’s hair, but nowadays I even surprise myself. I mean, seriously, check out the photos below.)

Then, of course, because Maysen had her 2-month birthday, I had to dress her up all cutsie and put her through a photo shoot.

Of course, Maysen first gets bored with the photo shoots…

Then she gets mad…

Then she gets very, very sleepy…

We got to take a family photo at my sister-in-law’s confirmation. Notice that there’s yet another adorable little outfit complete with a bow on her head. Grandma makes the coolest, cutest headbands.

The latest challenge for us is tummy time. Maysen hates it, but we have to work on those back and neck muscles…

Until next time…


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