Hey, remember me?

Golly Gee.

I tell you what, this stage is the time that I have the most to write about but the least time to spend writing. How I managed to carve out a few minutes right now I’ll never understand. The baby’s asleep. The hubby’s out. The TV’s off. The laundry’s going. The dishes are done. Wow. And I still have another half hour or so before I need to crawl into bed.

A brief update:

Maysen is now 5 1/2 months. It’s so amazing how quickly time has flown by. I know everyone told me it would, but somehow it still catches me by surprise. Her latest development? She has started sleeping through the night! Well, at least until about 6am. Or, actually, she did it 2 nights in a row (a few nights ago). It was weird. I actually didn’t manage to take advantage of it and get a good night’s sleep. Instead, I woke up every hour or so wondering if she was still breathing.

The little rascal no longer sleeps on her back; now it’s 80% of the time on her tummy, usually with her little bucket in the air, and 20% of the time on her side. I usually find her wedged in a corner of her bed, so of course I’m constantly losing sleep worrying about the unthinkable.

She has also started the first attempts toward crawling. It started with just one ambitious leg reaching forward like a spider’s leg and then clumsily digging her toes in until she scootches forward a little. It would usually result in her rolling over rather than scooting forward, but a day or two later (while Maysen was in the care of her Grammy, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa) she figured out that if she tucks both legs under her body and then pushes there’s a pretty good chance she’ll move toward whatever object she’s got her eyes on. The only problem is that she’s planting her hands, so half the time she accidentally moves backwards. She’ll figure it out soon.

As you can imagine, I’ve taken tons of photos since I last posted. Obviously since I’m working I have much less time with the baby and therefore I take many fewer photos. But I’ve got a few and I’ll post them soon.

But first, a few words about breastfeeding. I don’t know if you remember, but from the very beginning my goal was to breastfeed for six months at least, and then when we reached six months, to see what we wanted to do from there. Well, we’re two weeks away from that goal and I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to make it. Not because I don’t want to. I desperately do, but between going back to work, using formula, and now using rice cereal at night, my milk is really slowing down. I’m pumping twice a day at work in this awesome little lactation room very conveniently located right outside my office, but it’s still not enough. And now the baby is sleeping 6 or 7 hours at a stretch, so I’m not nursing nearly as often as I would like to. Of course, I could wake up and pump during the night, but mama’s gotta catch some zzz’s. I seriously think that if I weren’t working full time it would be much better, but, alas…

But I’m trying to get my work week down to 4 days instead of 5. Cross your fingers.

Last week we also went back to Cleveland to get Maysen baptized in the church that Ronny grew up in. She did surprisingly well on her first flight out (but NOT on her flight back!). And she had no problem in the church or with the priest or with all of the attention she got. She fussed for just a minute while Ronny took her from me and walked her up to the water dunker thing, but then as soon as water started dripping on her forehead I think she was startled into silence. Then Linda threw us an awesome party so a lot of Ronny’s family and friends came over to meet the baby.

Let me tell you, she was quite the ham. And everyone loved her!

These two photos are from my mom’s surprise retirement party. We through ***  her an awesome hat party with serious minute-to-win-it competition. Suffice it to say, it was a blast. Just look at Maysie’s eyes…they tell it all. This party is one of the things I’d love to tell you about when I have some time…

*** OMG I’m so embarassed! I meant THREW her a party!

Of course, on her 5-month birthday, I HAD to do a little photo shoot. Aw, shucks.

In her little baptism dress…

With Daddy, Grammy, Great Grandma…Four Generations!

Ok, so now I have to go to bed, but I have to point out that there is so, so, so much more to write about. Why can’t there be just another couple of hours in the day?

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