Wow…It’s been three months

I’m not even going to waste time apologizing. The truth is that Maysen is nearly a year old, and as such, she’s a handful. She’s amazing. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t looked back at this blog, except to see that the last time I posted here was October 27, 2010. Today is January 28, 2011, and in the three months since I last posted, SO much has changed. First of all, Maysen is no longer a baby. She’s actually toddling, so I assume she’s now a toddler. The little girl can walk! Can you believe that? She’s so funny, too. It’s amazing how you can see a personality shine out of a little person who is so young that she can’t say anything besides mama and caca…oh, and dada, as of the last few days.

She has eight teeth. Seriously. The bottom ones are even coming in crooked. I guess we had better start saving for braces.  And she refuses to eat baby food. Tonight I was out for sushi and she wanted bites of my caterpillar roll. She’ll eat anything, as long as it’s not something that I’m trying to feed her and it doesn’t come in a jar. See? She’s already establishing in her personality that she’s stubborn! Sheesh. But, really? I find it hilarious, though frustrating, that she’s so difficult. She loves pushing buttons. She loves my little silver ball with a bell inside. She loves reading the knock knock joke book. She loves, and I mean LOVES, blueberries. She has learned to give hugs and (slobbery, snotty, open-mouthed) kisses. She leans her head on my shoulder and pats my back (awhh, shucks…my heart melts each time!).  She thinks it’s hilarious when she rocks on the glider’s ottoman and it squeaks. She still can’t figure out why it hurts when she smashes her fingers in the drawers. She has started helping by sticking her foot out when I’m trying to put her socks on. She loves storytime before bed. She loves La Arana Muy Ocupada. She makes clicking sounds with her tongue.

I’ve never been more in love with anyone or anything. Every day I love this little baby girl more and more, and I feel so fortunate, so lucky, so blessed to have her as a daughter.

And I’m getting close to ready for another. I can’t even imagine being capable of having another child; this one is so much work and requires so much energy, but I’m already missing the little newborn baby, and I see now Maysie loves being around other babies…I don’t know…time will tell, won’t it?


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