15 1/2 Months

It’s amazing how much a little person can change in so little time. Let’s see, May will be 16 months on Monday. That’s 5 days. She’s a wild little thing, that’s for sure. Suddenly she has a cloud of hair. Seriously, it’s curly and soft and looks like a fluffy little cloud on her head. And she’s getting her molars. And she’s getting a very distinct personality. And she’s no longer a baby. Maysen is the most amazing, hilarious, adorable and stubborn person I’ve ever met.  She looks more like me than she looks like her daddy, but boy oh boy does she have his personality. She LOVES attention. I think all toddlers do (yes, that’s right. Toddlers!). She loves to make people laugh, and she gets a real kick out of cause and effect. But if she sees someone get hurt, or even act like they get hurt, it makes her very unhappy. Even the slightest “ouch” out of Mommy and she gets upset. She amazes me every day with how smart she is. She understands when someone is talking to her, like she can follow simple commands like “go give this to Daddy” or “go give Daddy a kiss”. But what cracks me up the most is that she is now saying her first word. I mean her first word that she really knows what it means and says it when she recognizes it. Bubbles. She loves bubbles. I mean, who doesn’t, especially toddlers? But she sees soap bubbles, or bubbles in the pool, or bubbles in books, or bubbles on TV, and she yells, “Bubbles!” I can just sit and watch this little girl for hours on end. She’s more entertaining than anything I have ever seen and my love for her grows deeper and stronger every single day.


2 thoughts on “15 1/2 Months

  1. Thanks for the read! I can’t believe how fast our “babies” are growing up. Our little guy LOVES bubbles too. He is fascinated with them. And about the personality, I know EXACTLY what you mean. For example, when he does something that gets a reaction from me, Dad or sister, he continues to do it. Even if it’s something that hurt us and we said “ouch” he does it over and over! Talk about pushing buttons. I’ve learned quickly little boys are so different from little girls! Thinking about #2 huh? There is no time like the present, that’s for sure! I’m glad you all are doing well.

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