Today was a pretty good day.

Have you ever been to a splash pad? Until very recently I had never even heard of one. I think I mentioned before that I always thought that the places where people let their kids play in what I considered to be fountains were only for people who couldn’t afford to (or didn’t care to) take their kids to the pool. Turns out there are splash pads all around. Even better than that, May LOVED the one we went to today. Now I’m pretty much determined to hit every splash pad I can find in San Diego before the end of summer…which is very near. Although, considering that we live in San Diego, I suppose we have a little time.


Thank goodness for Aquasox!

Good thing Nana bought May a pair of fluorescent pink Aquasox a while back. She actually ran through this Spraypad with full force, not even hesitating for a second. Do you think she went skidding and skinning her knees? No way! She wasn’t even afraid of the bigger kids.


Playing amongst the big kids

Of course, after being sprayed in the face a few times and being knocked over by a chubby little boy, May needed to come sit on Mommy’s lap for some love…or maybe a Nutri-Grain bar and the rest of her bologna and swiss sandwich (which pretty much just became bologna; she threw the swiss & bread on the ground).


Mommy & Me

After having run through some boys’ football game — you know that game where one kid throws the ball and a bunch of other kids fight to catch it? What’s that called again? — and playing on the playground, watching the ducks munch on corn and blowing bubbles, I had to drag her out of the park kicking and screaming.

But when we got home, one of my favorite things in the entire world happened, for only the second time EVER:


One of life's best moments

Yes, today was a pretty good day.

Now, who can tell me where to find other splash pads around this neck of the woods?


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