Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Splash Pad Two / San Diego Safari Park

FYI, I really don’t know why all of my images have stretched, but it stinks!Sponge Bob

M's obsessed with "Bicka Bop" who has now come to be known as "Puncha Pa"


Loving the newfound freedom since being released from the stroller


Not pouting, it's just cute to cross your arms when you feel the urge.


Driving the cement jeep


Mmm...chicken. We hope.


Well, hellllooooo, splash pad!


Interesting...water shooting from the cement alligator's mouth.


The water's pretty clean, right? If the alligator can spit it, I can drink it.


Taking a break to run through a grassy field in a 10-pound, waterlogged diaper.


Catch it if you can, sister.


Helloooo? Nanaaaa? Aaaappppllle!!


What's the point of getting wet if you can't play in the mud, too?


Nana with Waterlogged Sleepy Head


Accidental Self Portrait is one of the few pictures of yours truly.

3 thoughts on “Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Splash Pad Two / San Diego Safari Park

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  2. First, I LOVE her curly red hair (it is red right?)
    Second, a tip from the diaper queen…take the stuffing out of a cloth diaper and you have an instant swim diaper that won’t absorb 10lbs of water but will keep the poo contained.
    Third, those wouldn’t be your stylish shades you got at BlogHer would they? 🙂
    XOXO – Calley

    • Ha ha…yes! Those are, in fact, my amazingly stylish BlogHer shades. For some reason I love them, plus they’re not scratched like all my others. Good advice about the diaper. Both of mine were dirty, not with me at the park, but I’ve taken it upon myself to find every splash pad in San Diego, so I’m sure those fluffy little diapers will get their chance! Oh, and her hair is sortof reddish, but really more of a light brown. It may just be reflecting the pink from my amazing sunglasses!

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