25 Things You Don’t Know About Me – A Delayed Blog Hop Entry

I actually wrote this a few (maybe 6?) weeks ago when I stumbled upon a blog hop while I was procrastinating trolling the internet. I figured I’d post it as soon as I figured out what the heck a blog hop is and how it works, but somehow I still haven’t figured it out, so now I’m just going to post it because I hate to throw things away (see #4).

So, here are 25 things you (probably) don’t know about me.

I already have a 100 random tidbits about me page, but I created that a while back and haven’t read it lately. So here’s a new list of 25.

1. My hangnails are out of control. They hurt. If I get the time to sit down for five minutes and read, I chew the shit out of my nails. This happened within the last couple of days.

2. I’m addicted to Chap-Stick. At BlogHer’11 I actually asked the Chap-Stick people if they had any advice for how to wean myself of the stuff. They handed me five new sticks. Great. (I hated the green apple flavor…what were they thinking?)

3. Ever since I was forced to push before I felt the urge, I have peed my pants when I laugh/sneeze/jog/do anything vigorous. I’m “pissed” at that nurse for making me push before I was ready. But I probably would have started to pee my pants anyways after pushing a baby through my lady bits.

4. I’m overwhelmed by clutter, but I can’t seem to throw stuff away. I’m one of those sentimental people who saves every photo and also says of junk, “well, I might use it some day.”

5. I spend a lot of time at home b/c Hubbs works late nights. I drink a lot of wine in front of the computer (and TV). (Isn’t that normal for a blogger?)

6. I have never had a good haircut…well, maybe once, but that was in the early ’90s.

7. I hate going shopping.

8. I hate dressing up.

9. I hate wearing heels (even though they look GREAT on me).

10. Ever since blue eye shadow went out of style around 6th grade, I’ve never learned how to apply eye makeup in a flattering way. Somebody please teach me how to get those dark, smoky eyes!

11. I try to think of interesting things to say about myself when I list 25 things you don’t know about me, but they all seem really boring. I think I am really boring. Sigh.

12. I prefer to drive a stick over an automatic, even though I think my left knee’s cartilage has worn away after years of sitting in traffic.

13. I’m never satisfied. With anything. Ever.

14. I’m a pessimist, to say the least, but I try to be a positive person…or at least pretend to be.

15. I’m an athiest. So what.

16. I fear the day I have to discuss spirituality with my daughter, especially because I’m married to a Catholic, and we have diametrically opposed beliefs. This is gonna suck.

17. I wish I could change the world. Really? I think I said that one because everything else seems so negative. But it would be nice to be able to do it.

18. I have never felt more at peace, more alive, or more afraid than while surfing. Well, I was pretty afraid and alive during childbirth. Not to mention fucking powerful.

19. I love throwing pottery. On a wheel. I love the squishy, wet, meditative feeling. Although I’ve always wanted to throw pottery to hear it shatter.

20. My life doesn’t feel complete without having a cat. I’m bitter about that.

21. I have always wanted to be a writer, an artist and an actor. I am not really any of these, but I pretend to be on my blog.

22. I love playing golf…but I suck at putting. Oh, and I pee my pants on my drives if I have too many beers.

23. I am madly, madly, madly in love with my daughter.

24. I’ve never had any really good ideas.

25. I’m pretty insecure, in case you hadn’t noticed from the first 24 things you didn’t know about me.

So that’s that. It’s no longer part of the blog hop, but it’s here anyways. Now, if somebody could just explain to me how the whole blog hopping phenomenon works, I’d be quite happy.


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