Brrr. It’s cold.

We are in Half Moon Bay, in the camper and it’s 41 degrees outside. I’m under like 6 blankets and wearing two pairs of socks and a sweater, and we even have a little tiny space heater but I’m still frigging freezing. We grilled up ribeyes, cooked potatoes in the fire and tossed a salad with local organic garlic vinaigrette dressing. The only thing that could have made it any better is a glass of red. But some Snickers ice cream by the camp fire made up for that.
We spent a good part of the day at the park Ronny napped in the camper while I chased May from swing to slide to tunnel to duck pond, trying to keep her from teasing the ducks then shoving the handful of bread crumbs into her own mouth while aggressive seagulls threatened to peck out her eyeballs if she didn’t share. Then May and I went shopping around downtown Santa Cruz while Ronny putzed around with the RV. The drive up the coast to Half Moon Bay was again breathtaking, especially for the hour I spent in a lawn chair on the cliff reading a book while the other two napped (Yes, my husband does in fact take as many naps as my child.)
Anyways, here are a few pics.







Until tomorrow…


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