The Case of the Missing Coco

Being a mother has been an absolute joyride lately. I wouldn’t say 100% of the time, but overall we’ve had a LOT of fun lately. Yes, we’ve been busy and I haven’t written. And I’m not going to apologize this time. We’re just moving on.

We moved to a new city this month and are still unpacking. Somehow in the hubbub of moving out of our old house (in which we lived for a ridiculously brief THREE MONTHS) we misplaced May’s beloved best friend, Coco. Now, I can’t really remember exactly how much I’ve said of the little bunny who has been her #1 BFF for a good eight months or so (Vaca is BFF #2, by the way). Let it just be said that not a day has gone by since the two of them forged their friendship without Coco being in bed alongside May and Vaca and whomever she has chosen to cuddle with for the evening. She drags the little white bunny around all day long, she watches her Baby Einstein, Classical Baby and Yo Gabba Gabba with Coco. She gives her choco-bock. She still, after a good 4 or 5 months since the incident explains Coco’s missing eye by saying, “Bella puppy bite off Coco eyeball boo-boo Mommy fix it all better now.” And it was all better, by the way, because I sewed a cufflink plug that looked absolutely identical to the original eyeball into the gash that used to be Coco’s eye socket…until Maysen chewed the new eyeball off again.

Anyways, so the bunny went missing. For several days. We searched the house up and down, with a forlorn daughter following us around whining, “Coco go? Coco go?” but during the time between Coco sightings we had movers come, pack up the house, load all of our junk onto a moving truck and move it several hundred miles to our new house. In the meantime, every day, all day long, May would ask where Coco went. She cried before bed, and asked for her first thing every morning. So every day, all day long, I would have to go out on a limb, hoping that Coco would eventually show up, and say to May, “Coco had to go to our new house ahead of us to make sure that it is a nice house.” I said this in good faith, but I said it before we had even found a place to live. But inside I was thinking, where the heck could that little stuffed bunny be?

A few days later we arrived at our hotel for the night. May had been sleeping in the car, but she woke up during the walk from the car to the hotel bed. She was all sleepy and drowsy so I tried to just sneak her under the sheets. She lay there, still, silent, eyelids drooping, all sweet and sleepy. As she curled up into a little ball, rolled over, sighed and got all cozy, just when I thought she was about to drift back into sleepy time, she very quietly, gently, in her cutest little baby voice, said, “Coco new house?” Meaning, of course, “We’re in our new house, now, so cough up the bunny…or else.”


I had held on to the hope that maybe she would forget that I had said that Coco would be waiting for us in our new house, and maybe forget the bunny alltogether, but apparently I had been mistaken. Little did I know that that would be the very first thing she thought about when we walked into a new place. “Yes, honey,” I said. “Coco went to our new house, but we’re not there yet. We’re in a hotel so we’ll see her soon.” Maysen seemed somewhat satisfied and settled for Vaca and a sippy cup of milk, but I was sweating bullets. I whispered to Ronny between gritted teeth, “We…have…to…find…that…bunny.

When we had found a house, signed a lease, turned the key in the door, and set Maysen down, she of course asked for her bunny. We started unpacking boxes and searched everywhere logical for the stinking bunny. About three days into our new home, and three long days of endlessly dancing around questions about Coco, she finally showed her fuzzy little one-eyed face.

And do you want to know where we found Coco? In a kitchen box with the crock pot! What kind of crack head mover guy would pack a beat up, grubby little cyclops bunny with a friggin’ crock pot? Maybe he found it next to said crock pot, but come ON! Could he not have deduced that this little thing might mean the world to a little two-year-old?

Coco Shows Up

A moment of pure joy. Ahhhhh….and mommy’s relief.

Coco Shows Up

The lesson learned here is that we better hurry up and find a spare Coco…if we can. I had avoided it, as I didn’t want to have to pry Coco out of May’s arm as she walked down the aisle for her high school graduation.

Here’s another picture, this one of Vaca, in case the little cow ever decides to go hiding among the kitchen appliances.


I'm seeing visions of the first day of school. Sigh.

With this story of the missing Coco adventure, I managed to get distracted. But we’ve moved into our new house and have been having so much fun. May is napping now after returning from her first muddy worm-hunting expedition.

She’s learning to talk so, so much. And I’m not talking 2-3 words at a time. Just today in the car I gave her a bagel chip with (oops) a little jalapeno bit in it. She said, “ooh! Picey! Mommy get drink water!” So I handed her a bottle of water. “It picey but drink water make it all better now!” Now, I understand that she hasn’t worked out all of the grammatical intricacies of the English language, but I’m pretty impressed.

When I asked her if she was ready to go worm hunting this morning, after having explained what we were going to do as I rocked her last night, she said, “Go find worms eat food go poo-poo pee-pee!” Which I know, because I explained it all to her, means basically “We’re going to go worm hunting and then put all of the worms we find into the compost bin. They’ll eat all of the food and their poo-poo will make nice, healthy soil for us to plant flowers and herbs in!”

She can also sing the ABCs, You Are My Sunshine, Rockabye Baby, and several others. Apparently she doesn’t like the way I taught her Rockabye Baby, though, because she now corrects me on the lyrics. It’s no longer that the baby rocks IN the tree top, it’s rocks ON the tree-toppie. If I don’t sing it like that she makes me start over. She has gotten very bossy, actually, with song-singing. If she wants to sing a song on her own, she’ll interrupt my singing with a “top, top!” so that she can sing it without my disturbing her. I’ve created a monster.

She’s saying all kinds of cool things. And fully able to hold a conversation. Check the Maysie Bits page for examples sometime soon. Hopefully I’ll get a few more on there. I have another story of something she said that was SO hilarious, but a little inappropriate for me to post here. Ask me if you want to hear the story. I actually was so shocked when she said it that I could do nothing besides double over in laughter. Thankfully, Ronny held onto his composure and handled it.

Oh, and I guess I really haven’t written much about the pregnancy yet, have I? Let’s see… We’re officially half way there. 20 weeks and 4 days. I’m looking as big as a house already, and have been feeling little fluttery kicks for about three weeks now. I’m still sooo exhausted; I’ll be fine and then all of a sudden feel like I’m about to pass out if I don’t sit down and watch Ellen or HGTV or something for like three hours. We’re waiting for our new health insurance to kick in, but we’ll probably get to find out the gender on the next visit (if we decide to). Did I ever post a pic of the new baby?

9 weeks?

I swore I wasn’t going to be a cliche, but it turns out that I am. Everyone says, “just wait until you’re on your second baby. You won’t take nearly as many pictures, and you won’t mark every single milestone.” I always denied that I would be that way, but, alas, I have been.

Anyways, this photo was from our first (and so far only) ultrasound, which I believe was at about 9 weeks. And I know my mom took a photo of my belly, somewhere around 17 weeks, but I can’t seem to find it now. I’ll find it and add it soon.

For now, I’m just glad I got a little time to myself, a little time to blow off all of the unpacking and cleaning I have to do, to sit down and update my blog. Hopefully I won’t be such a stranger. Until next time…


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