Update at 28 Weeks

Busy, busy, busy! I’ve been busy doing all kinds of things, but lately, I’ve really been busy enjoying myself. The baby is growing, growing, growing inside of me, making me feel tired, still. She’s kicking around like crazy! I’m so happy, too, because she is no longer breech, so now I’m really feeling confident. (Not too confident, though!)

I’m so pleased to say that since my last post I told my mom about the home birth and she was 100% supportive and curious about the whole thing. It’s so great to know that we have that support…thanks, Mom!

Our midwife came to the house for her first appointment. It was so awesome because not only did we not have to wait in a waiting room for 45 minutes for our appointment, and not only was Maysen able to run around and play without destroying any medical equipment or accidentally stabbing herself with hazardous waste syringes, but Diana (the midwife) was at our house visiting for two hours. That may seem excessive, but much of that time was spent filling out paperwork and going over my and Ronny’s medical history. You know those forms that you have to fill out every time you go see a new doctor? Well, it was pretty much the same type of paperwork, but instead of me scribbling in the info in the waiting room Diana sat there with me and asked the questions and filled everything out herself right in front of me. I don’t think the doctors really even look those forms over, but she asked in-depth questions about all kinds of things. She really took the time to get to know me and establish a relationship. And when I asked about the Rh factor in my blood, which I’ve asked at least two doctors about only to be dismissed as just something I needed to get a shot to remedy, she actually took a few minutes to explain the whole scenario. It was pretty cool.

Then, instead of peeing a cup and setting it in a little window to go who-knows-where like I did during every appointment of my first pregnancy, Diana had me pee in a cup and showed me how to run the test myself. She did it with me and explained all of the little ins and outs of the pee test. It seems silly, perhaps, but it really feels good to be involved in my own medical appointments.

Then she did the routine belly measurements, took my blood pressure and pulse, and was satisfied with the weight that I told her I had been at my last doctor’s appointments. When it was time to check on the baby, I was lying on the couch, all nice and comfy, listening to the sound of the birds chirping outside my window rather than the sound of nurses giggling in the exam room next to me. She palpated my tummy to feel baby’s position, and explained everything that she felt. Then, instead of listening to the heartbeat with a mechanical thing, she used something called a fetoscope. It was kind of silly looking, really, to see her forehead pressed into this little horn thing, and I seriously doubted that it really worked, but she let me give it a listen. It was much more difficult to hear the heartbeat, but after a minute I was able to hear it. 144 bpm. Perfect. All in all, she said I’m pretty much a textbook pregnancy and healthy as can be. I’m feeling really great about having the baby at home, and really excited about the potential of a water birth.

*       *       *

Maysen has been doing great, too. I mean, just look at this face!

It’s no longer about what she’s learning to say. At this point she can say nearly everything she wants to, and I understand nearly everything that comes out of her mouth. Her newest thing? “Mommy? You’re sick (or sad, or you don’t feel good)? You need a hug and a kiss? (gives me hugs & kisses) There, now here’s Coco (or any of her other babies). You feel better now?” And the best part is that she genuinely seems concerned about how I’m feeling.  Ronny has figured out how to exploit this situation by making a pouty face. Every single time he does it, Maysen says, “Daddy? You need a hug and a kiss?” And every single time, he says yes and she climbs up on top of him to give him some sugar. What a sucker!

She’s so excited to meet her little sister. I explained that Diana was the person who was going to help bring her baby sister into the world. Immediately after her nap on the day of Diana’s visit she asked where her sister was. Now I’m reminding her that we still have almost 3 months to wait! So she gives my tummy kisses and hugs and pats before running off to get into some kind of two-year-old mischeif.


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