What I don’t understand is why it’s so hard to find time to blog. Are my priorities mixed up, or are there really not enough hours in the day? How do the mommy bloggers find time to write every single day? Is it because their kids are able to play alone and entertain themselves for longer than 30 seconds? Is it because their kids are in school? Is it because their husbands let them lock themselves in a room all by themselves so that they can make the time?

I don’t want to come up with excuses. I just want to find the time and energy to post on my blog. It’s the only thing I have that is acutally all mine. Right now I actually have one baby taking her nap, and the other one is just lying on the floor in front of me grinning. She’s absolutely precious. See?



I wish there were some kind of way to record all of the bloggy thoughts I have throughout the day. Oh, a pen and paper to jot down notes, you say? Toooo obvious to be feasible. A note on my iphone that is always in my hands? That would get in the way of my timesucking facebook/email/pinterest/scramblewithfriends habit. Twitter? I just can’t think of a handle, so I haven’t set it up. A good memory? Pshaw. Yeah, right. That’s SO far gone.

Avery is awesome. Maysen is awesome. Ronny and I are awesome. But where can I start? I post so rarely that I feel pressure to pick the one thing to write about that I sit here and write about not writing. I’m the world’s best procrastinator! Should I just post a few photos? I think so.

Oh, wait. During the process of getting my photos, Maysen woke up and demands my attention. Until next time…hopefully not in two months!


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