Maysen’s Last Day of Being Three…Sigh. And, Regret.

I just realized that I only posted to my blog one time…ONE TIME!!!…in an entire year, and it was only long enough to sit down and be interrupted. I am so disappointed in my bloggy self, because somehow she has disappeared. I think about posting all the time, but something always comes up. Maysen needs attention. Avery needs attention. Ronny needs attention. The house needs attention. Dinner needs to be made. Noses need to be wiped. Facebook needs to be checked. Dinner needs to be planned. Maysen needs to go to dance. Maysen needs to be picked up from school. DVR needs to be caught up with. Etc., etc., etc. It doesn’t help that my computer’s been on its last leg for the last year, either.

Here are a few very randomly selected photos from the last year, in no particular order, just so that there’s a little visual memory here. Maybe once I can get organized I can do a better job with photos. 



But none of those things will be part of my way of remembering the day-to-day moments of our lives. I just read through the post from an entire year ago. I seriously can not believe that so much time has passed. Our lives have been so busy, and so much has happened, but not only have I not written here on my blog, I also haven’t kept up with my journals or photo albums. All of my memories are stored on my very, very full and unreliable hard drive. 

We’ve been through a lot this year. We moved a couple of times, Ronny changed jobs a couple of times, yadda yadda yadda. No need for a recap of the big stuff. What really matters is the little stuff. 

So Maysen will be turning 4 tomorrow. As I look back over the last year, I relize that she has grown SO…MUCH. She’s still the same girl she was a year ago today…feisty, tenacious, strong-willed, intelligent, hilarious. But she’s all of that stuff amplified. Her intensity has grown immensely. Her tantrums are through the roof, but so are her little snuggles and her contagious giggles. She is definitely a diva…er… I mean, a princess. She’s absolutely obsessed with the princesses, and insists on being called by princess names instead of Maysen. For a long time she was just Rapunzel, but she also goes by Una (a mermaid) and Anna (I have no idea where that came from). 

Of all of her developments this year, by far the best to see has been her role as big sister. Yes, she does pick on little Avery, a.k.a. “Choo-Choo,” a little more than she should, but she is also protective of her as well. Maysen helps her learn to speak, and she plays with her all the time. They’re very competitive, though. When it comes to sharing, they struggle, big time. Their fights can be extreme and intense, usually ending in all three of us screaming and crying. They hit and pull hair; Avery likes to bite.

Avery is Daddy’s little girl, for sure. Maysen was never the cuddly little lover that Avery has become. Maysen’s desire for independence has always overruled any desire for snuggling. Avery, though, jumps at any opportunity to hug or kiss or rest her head on a shoulder, especially Daddy’s. She has made his heart explode with love in a way that I’ve never seen.


So, I’ll say it again as I’ve said before. I just can’t capture it all like I wish I could. There are so many memories that I want to write about so that they don’t disappear forever. I’m so disappointed in myself for not keeping up here. What can I do to manage my time better? The obvious timesucks are facebook and DVR. But those are my guilty little pleasures. I don’t spend that much time there. And it’s just tough when the kids are here, because they ALWAYS need attention, and the rare (like right now) times that they play independently (Avery) and are in school (Maysen), I’m usually cleaning, cooking, or doing laundry, or…gasp… taking a shower.  Once the kids go to bed, I finally spend a little time with my husband. There’s just not a whole lot of me time anymore, especially now that Maysen doesn’t take naps. (Oh, how I miss her naps!)

I guess I could post randomly from my phone and just not worry about having a full post. That’s where all of my pictures are, after all. I don’t think anyone reads it anyways…and if you do, well, sorry I haven’t given you anything for a year. The truth is, I had much, much more time when I had a full-time job, because no one needed me as much as they do now. 

So, I have to set a goal for myself so that a year from now, when Maysen turns 5, I’m not staring at my blog in disbelief, wondering how a whole year could have passed with no posts. Maybe I’ll actually get to capture Avery’s second birthday, since I managed to miss her first. But new beginnings are all about forgiveness, right? So I just have to let my time management deficiencies slide and move on, once again. 

Here’s to committing more time to myself for blogging. 



2 thoughts on “Maysen’s Last Day of Being Three…Sigh. And, Regret.

  1. Now Maysen is four – happy birthday!

    What can you do to get a better time-management? I don’t know. I only know the problem because I have it, too. And I have only one daughter and now she is eight weeks old…

    All I can do is to say I like your blog, But don’t get under too big pressure with it. You can write over several days. My newest post needed a whole week and I needed three days to answer to your post.

    The most important thing is: You and your family have a good time. Blogging is a bonus.

    Greetings from Germany and sorry for my poor English

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