Hatred is Fed, not Bred

My kids do a lot to make me proud, that’s for sure. This little moment today has stuck with me though. Especially in light of the horrible events this week, I feel compelled to share this moment with you here.
We looked at this entire slideshow together today. Each slide fascinated her more than the last.
Maysen said, “Whoa…is that the REAL Ariel?!? Oh, and that’s the real Belle!!”
My first instinct was to say, “Yes, can you believe it!” But that felt creepy, plus, my cover would easily be blown because she’s learning to read.
Instead I said, “No, in fact, you’re not going to believe this, but that’s actually a BOY dressed up as Ariel!”
She gasped, huge, and said, “Oh my GAWSH!!!”
I thought, ok, here we go, here’s the point in my life where I tell my kiddo about boys dressing up as girls, and all of the sexual orientation, gender identification, etc. issues that so many people face. She’s familiar with homosexuality, as it has been a part of her life since she was born, but this is a different subject that we haven’t talked about.
But instead of saying, “Why would a BOY dress up like a GIRL?” she said, without even blinking an eye, “That boy is UH-MAZE-ING! He looks so REAL!”
I didn’t have to explain to her why a boy would want to dress up like a girl. Or why he’s so damned good at it. I only had to explain about the magical eye-color-changing power of contact lenses.
It only goes to show that hatred isn’t bred into us. It is fed into us.
I should coin that phrase.

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