It occurred to me today (8/17/11) that May does lots of little things that I find hilarious, charming or otherwise noteworthy. Not enough to write a blog post about, but maybe to just mention. So that’s what this page will be about. Maybe I’ll keep it as a draft for a while so I don’t just put one or two items out there. That list might make it look like May never does anything noteworthy. Plus, I don’t think I can really think back to all of the little things she has done. But here’s a start.

1. She knows how to request her favorite TV show. Anyone other than me may see a toddler pointing to the TV and screaming, “Bicka Bop!” I very clearly hear her saying, “SpongeBob!”

2. Tonight, as I tried to calm her down and get her ready for bed, I told May that she could bring me any book she wanted and I would read it to her. She brought me Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. She has good taste.

3. Just before dozing off, while rocking and listening to me sing soft lullabies, when she’s suuuuper-chill and ready to close her eyes, she says softly, “hi……..(sigh)……hi……mama……hi……” It melts my heart every time. Then she starts practicing her words, even more softly, “Nana….Baba….hi….baby…..Daddy….”

4.As of 9/30/11, Maysen can now say the following words: Mommy, Gaggy (Daddy), Nana, Baba, Papa, baby, cookie, how, onion, poopie, pee-pee, poo-poo, potty, hi, hello, mono (spanish), cat, hat, happy, ball, ham, no, NO!, now, book, baaack (milk), yummy (hungry), buncha bop (SpongeBob), eh-heh (I want), Mommy-oh (Mommy, help.), Elmo, doggy, Coco (stuffed bunny), gato (spanish), bye-bye, byeeee, all finished (sign language), pie, apple, Kana, play (this involves a spittly ‘pl’ so we’re still working on it), turtle, toe, eye.

5. As of January, 2012, Maysen has started calling Chapstick “fuckit”. It’s hilarious. She’ll say, “Mommy, red fuckit now” which means, “Mommy, I’m using my red Chap Stick now” or “Mommy fuckit blue go?” which means, “Mommy, have you seen my blue Chap Stick?” Of course, Nana doesn’t find this as hilarious as I do.

6. April 2012. After I sang a bedtime song to Maysen last night, she said, “Good job, Mommy! That was good singing!”

7. April 2012. Today’s snack bribery timeline at the grocery store was 1. raisins, 2. Teddy Grahams, and 3. if May was really good, a lollipop. She asked for the lollipop first. “How about raisins?” “OK!” She finished the raisins and asked for a lollipop. “You have to be good through the grocery store first then you can have your lollipop. How about Teddy Grahams?” Then she says, “For Teddy Grahams, Maysie be good. For lollipop Maysie be better!”

8. April 2012. On a hike: “That’s not a roly-poly, Mommy. That’s just a little dude.”

9. 5/2/12. “You’re driving me nuts.”

10. 9/28/12 “Mommy, I love you more than I don’t love you.”

11. 10/2012 “Mommy, do you know that you’re just like Nana?” “Oh yeah? I am? How?” “Because it smells like moose in my tummy.” “Oh, of course.”

12. 10/12/12 “I also just stepped on my idea.”




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